Wednesday, September 30

They think it's over... it is now!

Gamesday was fun. Hard work and a long day but lots of fun. The "Happy Hour" table wasn't the prettiest of the five games in the Warhammer Historical section but I think it was the game enjoyed by more youngsters than the others. I caught Paul Sawyer (Warlord Games) looking over at our table - he was running an ECW game using his company's lovely plastics. We had twice the number of people playing our little game. I was impressed with the Warmaster Waterloo game put on by the 1st Company Veterans - they've done a great job adapting the rules to fit the Napoleonic era. I think there's a chance they might be getting their rules published by Warhammer Historical so good luck to them with that. You can have a look at their table here:

Our section was right next to the "Grabbitt and Scarper" sale area where GW were flogging off old stock cheap. They had a stack of the 2008 Gamesday model (the Space Marine Captain with a thunder hammer) for just £1 each - so I bought five of them for conversion purposes. The best deal I saw was when they'd accidentally put a Planetstrike Saim Hain Eldar Wind Rider box on there. It was a splash release but the models were still current. My mate Phil bought it for £25 instead of £75! Bargain... I managed to hold myself back for a change as the Gamesday models were my only purchase of the day - I had bought some Forge World items last Gamesday and have yet to take them out of the plastic wrapping, let along use them, so my justification for buying more was unwarranted. I had a hankering for some shoulder pads and Rhino doors for my Crimson Fists but sense prevailed.

Anyway - here's some pics from the day. I'll be focussing on getting more Crimson Fists painted now as I've promised Phil a 3000 point 40K game with them as some point in December! Here's me, Brad, Phil and Mike, all looking rather pleased with ourselves (apart from Phil who rarely smiles in photos!)

Friday, September 25

Gamesday approaches...

Over the last few months, the guys at my club have been busy preparing their tables for UK Gamesday which takes place this coming Sunday. We're putting on two games this year - a 40K game based on some Dark Angels scouts defending against an invasion of plague zombies and a Legends of the High Seas game based on the Tavern Brawl scenario. I've helped playtest and build both games so here's a few pics to show you how they're looking. I'll post up more pics after I get back on Sunday.