Thursday, December 31

Be prepared

I managed to sneak in these Scouts into the 2009 painting tally as I've been on holiday. Having a few extra days off between Christmas and New Year has been very relaxing and I've had a chance to put some extra hobby time in. These are the old 3rd ed. metal scouts which I have a lot of - mainly as I've had some given to me by friends to bulk out the scouts I already had.

I wanted to put some Fist icons on their shoulder pads but knew the standard decal would never fit the smaller pads - so rather than botch an attempt at hand painting them, I opted to trim the fist decals so that only the fist itself was left. I also trimmed some of the red double-ended tactical arrows so that it was just a single arrow and used those for the scouts which seemed to fit well. I'll follow these through with all the other scouts I need to paint.

I had a delivery from Dark Sphere today (who used to be Miniatures By Post) so I've now got a Razorback to use as a vehicle for my upcoming Command Squad and three Scout Bikers so I can give them a try.

These Crimson Fists are going to be my main focus for 2010 - I really want to get most of the models painted and get some proper gaming in. Later on in the year, I will try to get back to painting my Tomb Kings and, if I get a chance, I'll start my WWI French army for Great War.

So - I'll leave my last post of 2009 with the pics of the Scouts I finished today. Here's to 2010 being as productive as 2009 was!

Sunday, December 27

The tactical approach...

With end of 2009 on the horizon, it was time to paint the last models of the year. This Tactical Squad for my Crimson Fists army marks 200 models painted over the year, something I'm really pleased about as it's more than I've ever managed before.

You'll probably notice that the sergeant is the Gamesday 2005 Captain. As he was toting a power fist, I couldn't think of a better army to put him in. The plasmagun marine is made from one of the metal bike squad members, glued to some plastic legs and the join hidden by a tabbard. All other marines are standard plastics.

The next unit I'm going to work on is some Scouts. I have three units of them ready for painting - a sniper squad, a shotgun squad and a close combat squad. I'm spoilt for choice on which to pick!

Monday, December 14

Better late than never...

Gamesday, as usual, drained all my hobby enthusiasum for quite a while and when I got it back, work managed to get in the way. I had a lot of overtime offered to me as part of a project and, with times being what they are, I grabbed it with both hands! It meant little time left for family, let alone hobby projects, but it's over now and things are getting back to normal at last.

So - with a chance at some painting, I thought I'd finish off that Black Reach dreadnought that's been on my paint station for months. I wanted to give him extra options as well as the multi-melta and close-combat weapon so I found some spare dreadnought weapons to give to him (the twin-linked autocannon is a Forge World resin piece whilst the others are plastics.) One problem was that the arm sockets on the BR dread is smaller than the sockets on a standard plastic dreadnought so the arms just fall off. Thankfully, I had some spare magnets to hand so I used those to attach the arms, making it a breeze to switch weapons whenever I want something else.
While I was waiting for the paint to dry on him, I got on with a small side-project for a campaign my club is going to run. One of the guys has a huge Dark Angels army so I decided to paint up a Cypher model for him to use as an objective.

I think I'll get another Crimson Fists tactical squad painted next. If I get the ten of those done, I can make my target of 200 models painted in a year!

Wednesday, September 30

They think it's over... it is now!

Gamesday was fun. Hard work and a long day but lots of fun. The "Happy Hour" table wasn't the prettiest of the five games in the Warhammer Historical section but I think it was the game enjoyed by more youngsters than the others. I caught Paul Sawyer (Warlord Games) looking over at our table - he was running an ECW game using his company's lovely plastics. We had twice the number of people playing our little game. I was impressed with the Warmaster Waterloo game put on by the 1st Company Veterans - they've done a great job adapting the rules to fit the Napoleonic era. I think there's a chance they might be getting their rules published by Warhammer Historical so good luck to them with that. You can have a look at their table here:

Our section was right next to the "Grabbitt and Scarper" sale area where GW were flogging off old stock cheap. They had a stack of the 2008 Gamesday model (the Space Marine Captain with a thunder hammer) for just £1 each - so I bought five of them for conversion purposes. The best deal I saw was when they'd accidentally put a Planetstrike Saim Hain Eldar Wind Rider box on there. It was a splash release but the models were still current. My mate Phil bought it for £25 instead of £75! Bargain... I managed to hold myself back for a change as the Gamesday models were my only purchase of the day - I had bought some Forge World items last Gamesday and have yet to take them out of the plastic wrapping, let along use them, so my justification for buying more was unwarranted. I had a hankering for some shoulder pads and Rhino doors for my Crimson Fists but sense prevailed.

Anyway - here's some pics from the day. I'll be focussing on getting more Crimson Fists painted now as I've promised Phil a 3000 point 40K game with them as some point in December! Here's me, Brad, Phil and Mike, all looking rather pleased with ourselves (apart from Phil who rarely smiles in photos!)

Friday, September 25

Gamesday approaches...

Over the last few months, the guys at my club have been busy preparing their tables for UK Gamesday which takes place this coming Sunday. We're putting on two games this year - a 40K game based on some Dark Angels scouts defending against an invasion of plague zombies and a Legends of the High Seas game based on the Tavern Brawl scenario. I've helped playtest and build both games so here's a few pics to show you how they're looking. I'll post up more pics after I get back on Sunday.

Friday, August 14

Crimson Fist Terminators

I've finished the Terminators from the Black Reach set. The only thing I did with them was give one a spare heavy flamer. The models are pretty good despite being basic "clip together" starter set minis - they're totally compatible with the standard Terminator box sets although they're a little less dynamic.

I spray varnished these models to get rid of the shine on the decal and instead got a light white dusting all over them when the varnish dried. I'm damn annoyed about it but there's not a huge amount I can do about it apart from buy some new varnish - it's a little old and I think it's been sitting around too long. Even though I gave it a good shaking, I suspect the matt medium has separated from the carrier liquid.

Saturday, August 8

Sons of Dorn - Crimson Fists Space Marines

I have a lot of half started/half completed armies. I get interested in a new project before finishing my current project much like a lot of wargamers. With this new army, I'm trying to use up a lot of the space marine models that I've constructed for other armies that never got finished. If I have to buy some new stuff to compliment the old models, well that's my excuse and I'm sticking to it :)

The first painted unit are the Tactical Squad from the Black Reach box set. The only conversion I've done is to give the sergeant a power weapon instead of his chainsword.

Wednesday, July 15

The Mighty Zug

I've been slack in painting recently as I bought the new Blood Bowl PC game. I managed to get in on the beta test earlier this year which was great even though it was only restricted to humans and orcs. I had baulked at paying £40 for the download version though and had intended to wait until September for when the retail version comes out in the UK. Too many of my gaming buddies have bought it though and I felt I was missing out so I caved in and paid the cash for the download. The game only has eight teams available (humans, orcs, dwarfs, wood elves, goblins, chaos, lizardmen and skaven) but it is outrageously good. Hence the lack of painting...

Over the last couple of days though, I've managed to prise myself away from the computer and started daubing some of the star player models I have got ready for the Middenheimer team. First up is an old model that has just recently been replaced with a new design - The Mighty Zug. I've still got Griff, Zara and Morg plus a coach to paint for the team.

Tuesday, June 23

Mr. Zero

One of the guys in my gaming club pointed out that my Middenheimer Blood Bowl team needed a big guy model for when the team gets enough winnings to be able to purchase an ogre. As it happened, I've been getting one ready and I finished him tonight...

This is one of the old 2nd. edition ogre models that I've had hanging around for ages. He's small enough to fit onto a 25mm base really but I put him on a 40mm base to match all the other big guy models I have in my collection. I'm sure I'll regret that whenever I use him against an ogre team!

Monday, June 15

Middenheim Blood Bowl team

I dug out this old project when a load of the guys from my gaming club went to the Blood Bowl GT. I was kinda peeved that I couldn't go and wasn't in the mood to paint the things I should be painting. I rediscovered the models while I was looking for something else to paint and decided to get them done once and for all.

The models themselves are from the 3rd. edition Blood Bowl set except I removed all their heads and replaced them with heads from the Empire Knight and Milita box sets. All fairly easy stuff but I knew I wanted them to be in a blue and white quartered scheme - mainly as the 2nd. edition rulebook had showed the Middenheim Marauders to be in a red and white quartered scheme and that just seemed wrong for Middenheimers! Painting so much white was a bit daunting and I think that's what had made me put the team in the "to paint" box all those years ago. They took me three weeks to finish but I'm really happy with the way they came out.

Saturday, June 13

Flight of the Migs

Sometime last year, I bought some 1/600 scale aircraft as I'd spotted some air combat rules in Wargames Illustrated and wanted to give them a go. I bought a few different US and North Vietnamese planes and decals from Dom's Decals - the planes were made by Tumbling Dice but buying them from Dom's Decals meant I could see pictures of them. Anyway, as is normal for me, I received the models through the post, put them in a drawer and then forgot about them completely...

Yesterday though, I found them when I was hunting for something else - and I thought I'd best get some painted! The decals were fiddy but they didn't take too long to fit after I got into the swing of it. Micro Sol really helps to make them adhere to the surface.

I'm quite please with how they came out and I hope to get around to painting the other models at some point - I've got some Mig 21's, F105's and F4's still to paint.

Tuesday, May 26

Orlocks completed

Well, I've finished painting the last members of my starter Orlock gang. I've got a few more to construct and paint but these guys will get me started.