Thursday, November 19

First Patrol

My mate Shane and I gave the Judge Dredd Miniatures Game a spin last night.  I had built (but not yet painted) some Mega-City Street Gang minis to battle the Justice Department minis I'd painted recently so we grabbed those, my city wargame mat and some of Shane's Infinity terrain and got to it.

We kicked off playing the rules from the primer which is available from the Warlord Games website which was enough to give us the idea of the game mechanics.  Once we'd done that we added the rules for the Judges only being allowed to arrest until they'd been shot at and also some rules for climbing / falling.  For our third game we tried a scenario from the main rulebook with around 500 points either side.

It was good fun.  Being able to take two actions per model turn is great for tactics and we had some unusual things happen thanks to dice rolls - such as one punk who was running from the Judges trying to arrest him and made all his will rolls to resist arrest.  We're going to try it again once I've put some more models together and painted them.

Rookie Judge Capozzo on his first patrol
Street Judge Anders and Rookie Judge McGruder
Riot Judge Edwards taking cover

Monday, November 16

COSH Bowl II - the aftermath

It all started so well...

COSH Bowl II was my final Blood Bowl tournament of the year; a year in which I've played a lot of Blood Bowl.  After painting my Orcs fairly quickly after completing the Goblins, I had plenty of time to get a couple of practice games in against my friend Andrew.  Both of those games I'd won fairly well so I was hopeful that they would do okay at the event.

The roster for Orcs was that you could pick 1.1 mil but you had to buy skills for players out of that.  So I ended up with a 990K league roster and adding four normal skills for the Black Orcs and a double for the Thrower.

1 x Thrower (Dodge) - 100K
2 x Black Orcs (Block) - 200K
2 x Black Orcs (Guard) - 200K
4 x Blitzers - 320K
2 x Linemen - 100K
3 x Rerolls - 180K

Andrew was playing at the tournament too - he was using his Amazons from our practice games but he'd tweaked his skill choices a little.

At the tournament, my first game was against a guy from new Zealand who'd travelled over to Italy for the Blood Bowl World Cup the weekend before.  He then came over to the UK and wanted to play in another tournament while he was over here.  You have to give extra kudos to someone travelling to the other side of the world to use Ogres!  In this game I realised how hard it is for Orcs to cope one they lose a couple of players.  I still managed to win the game 2-0 but I could not hurt a single snotling!

Game two and I was playing Sam who was one of the guys running the event.  He wanted to play but not use a good team (as it's bad form to win your own event) so he was using a Vampire team with nothing but thralls and a wizard.  It wasn't too bad an option actually as he could afford a stack of skills to put on them.  Luck went against him though and all the hurt that I couldn't give to the snotlings in the previous game went into his thralls.  I ended up winning 1-0 and causing six casualties on him.

By now I was starting to feel confident.  I'd won two games and I was up against Underworld in my third game.  "This was going to be easy!" I thought.  From the first block of the game when his Underworld troll killed a Black Orck, I quickly realised that I was in trouble!  His team just smashed me apart in reality.  I did some damage to his players at the end of the game but they won 1-0 and I wasn't in the game at all.  Alas!

For the next day, I was playing against Humans coached by my friend Jim who I see at most local tournaments.  He's a very good player so I tend to judge how well I'm doing on whether I can get close to beating him or not.  Out game was brilliant - both of use did some good tactical moves and it took him to score on his last turn to bring the game to a 2-2 draw.

Game 5 and I was playing against Khemri.  This was another game where I just had terrible dice rolls and I got smashed to pieces.  I played my best but lost 1-0.

Game 6 and, as these things tend to turn out, I was facing Andrew and his Amazons.  He did an outstanding job coaching his team and I wasn't in the game at all.  My thrower kept fumbling the ball and soon got surrounded by Amazons and I had to try a desperate long bomb to get the ball to the other end of the field - which worked.  As my lineman receiver ran up the field, one lone Amazon linewoman could get to him and she did a 1-die blitz on him to push him next to the sideline.  I just needed a push to equalize - but as I had no rerolls left the dreaded skull came up and it was game over.  I lost 2-0.

The results of the weekend were two wins, one draw and three losses which was disappointing as I really had thought I'd do much better than that.  Ah well - these things happen!  My final position was 7th out of 10 players.

That's me done with Blood Bowl tournaments for the year then.  I've played in nine of them including Bunker Bowl which I ran.  Pretty good going for me really!  My plan to play all twenty-four approved teams is a lot closer now as I've used seventeen of them - only seven left to go.  The first of these will be High Elves which I'll be using at my next tournament in February 2016.  Until then, I'm going to be playing some league games and some Judge Dredd.

Sunday, November 8

Justice is Served - Judge Dredd Miniatures Game

I've had the rules and minis for the Judge Dredd Miniatures Game since before Warlord Games took over the running of it from Mongoose Publishing.  Problem is, I've been busy painting minis for other game systems until this weekend.  I am preparing the minis for my next Blood Bowl team but I still felt like painting something so I thought I'd give these Judges some attention.  I have a few more Justice Department minis to paint but this group of six is more than enough for a starter force for the game.  All I need to do now is find time to paint someone for them to arrest and I can start playing.  Until then, here's some pics of the minis.

Judge Dredd
Female Psi-Judge
Street Judge
Street Judge
Riot Judge with Riot Shield
Street Judge

Sunday, November 1

Blood Bowl Orcs

I have one final Blood Bowl tournament this year; COSH Bowl II.  As it took such a long time paint my Goblin team, I thought that for the next team I would just go for a quick and dirty paint job on the next team just to get them done.  I had already built and prepped my 3ed edition Orc team so I got to work on these over the last week.  They took far less time to paint than the last team and they look it - but they're all set to go at least.
Black Orcs
Star Players
Orc Team

Sunday, October 25

Cambridge Double Trouble III - Results

This weekend I took part in the Cambridge Double Trouble III Blood Bowl tournament.  It's the only doubles tournament and I was partnered with my buddy Andrew.  I was using my new Goblin team and he was using his Ogre team.  For the first day, we played a standard Swiss ranked tournament system but for the 2nd day we were playing side by side in teams.

For my first game I was drawn against my friend James who was also using Goblins.  I was using my custom printed Blood Bowl pitch so it seemed apt that two Goblin teams were playing on it.  I got very lucky in this match and somehow managed to win it 2-0 with a 4-2 casualty score.

Goblin vs Goblin
The trolls face off.

After the shock win in the first game, my second was vs Beanbag with his Norse team.  I did my best to keep him honest but he had some luck and he won 2-1 and beating me 2-1 on casualties.

Game three and I was playing against my friend Dan who was using his Lizardman team.  I thought this one was heading for a draw but he managed to get a scattered ball to be caught by a saurus in a tackle zone on a 6, then dodge the saurus away by rolling a 5+ - he was away and I couldn't stop him.  A 1-0 loss with a 5-1 casualty score.

Day two and Andrew and I were in last place as far as a team score as Andrew had unfortunately lost his three games.  Due to the odd number of coaches taking part, the organisers were called on to play against us, with me playing vs Schmee using Chaos and Andrew playing Purplegoo using Goblins.  I did really well in this game as I had to try to recover the ball a number of times thanks to Schmee's leaping Chaos Warriors blitzing the ball carrier in a cage.  I scraped a 2-1 win and even managed a 2-1 casualty score.

Reeling from the second win, I was placed against Tank15 in game five who was using Chaos Pact.  I played a really aggressive game and ran goblins through his players at every opportunity.  I won 3-1 and cause 3-2 on casualties!

I my final game I was taking on Besters who I've played against a lot of times, including the final game of STABB Cup a few weeks ago.  Everything that went right in the last game went wrong in this one!  I lost most of my special weapons early on and goblins were falling everywhere.  In the end I had so few players left that Jim tried his best to pitch clear me and just managed that in his final turn.  He won 2-0 and beat me 7-2 on casualties.

Andrew had managed to get a draw in his final game but lost his other five which left us in last place as a team. Not a surprise as we had taken stunty teams and most other players had taken sensible teams!  I finished in 8th place out of 16 and Andrew unfortunately ended in last place; he just missed out on the Most Casualties to Besters.  Jim won it thanks to the drubbing he gave to me.  With three wins and three losses I won the Stunty cup award and was honoured to be given the Best Painted team award.  I was really happy to get both of these - a great weekend despite the overall team result.

Best Painted Team award
The Fouling Griffons

Friday, October 23

The Fouling Griffons - Blood Bowl Goblins

This team has taken me a while to paint.  I decided to paint my Willy Miniatures goblins in a red and yellow colour in a tribute to the first Space Marine army I collected for Warhammer 40K - the Howling Griffons.  Of course, it has been years since I painted those old models and I'd totally forgotten what a nightmare trying to paint red and yellow can be!  The red especially took a lot of effort as that is the main colour for the armour and clothing.  Ah well - they are all done now.  Well, apart from the two other trolls, star players and sideline staff.  I'll get around to doing those at some point :)

I'm taking these to the Cambridge Double Trouble III tournament this weekend (otherwise know as Cam Dub III).  It's a doubles team tournament and, for an extra switch, you can only take doubles skills.  It seemed a perfect opportunity to take a stunty team as it means I can give some decent skills to the players.  My roster for the weekend is going to be :

2 x Trolls (both with Block)
1 x Pogoer (Sure Hands)
1 x Fanatic (Block)
1 x Looney (Dirty Player)
1 x Bombardier (Hail Mary Pass)
9 x Goblins (one with Leader)
Fungus the Loon
2 x Rerolls
2 x Bribes

This should allow for some entertaining shenanigans.  The Bombardier with HMP in particular - he will be lobbing those mortar bombs all over the field.  I suspect the chainsaw wielding looney will have a short lifespan in each game but if he manages to take some players out I'll be happy.  I'll update with how I get on after the weekend.  Until then, here's the pictures of the team.

The Fouling Griffons

Secret Weapons
More goblins
Journeymen - Battleaxe Miniatures
Fungus the Loon