Monday, November 24

COSH Bowl - Blood Bowl Tournament

This weekend I took part in the COSH Bowl tournament in Jaywick near Clacton.  It was a little different from other Blood Bowl tournaments that I've been to in that you were given 1.2 million credits and had to buy your own skills.  The only limit was that you could only take two of each skill - you could buy as many skills as you could afford though.

I opted to bring my Chaos team to the tournament for the main reason being that I hadn't gotten around to painting anything else!  I am aiming to use all twenty-four NAF approved Blood Bowl teams in tournaments so I would need to use them at some point - and this tournament seemed to be a way I could give some of the players some skills.

The problem with the Chaos team is that the players cost a lot and re-rolls are not cheap.  When I used them in a league I had quite a lot of fun using a team without any chaos warriors - it was just beastmen and the minotaur.  So I went for that build again.

Minotaur (Claw)
2 x Beastmen (Sure Hands)
2 x Beastmen (Block)
2 x Beastmen (Guard)
1 x Beastman (Mighty Blow)
4 x Beastmen
3 x rerolls
1 x apothecary

The first game saw me facing against a proven tournament winner so there was no chance of being gently eased into the tournament spirit!  He was using Orcs with only eleven players but every  one of them had a skill.  Despite getting bullied, I managed to score first and stop him from equalising in the first half.  In the second have I made things difficult for him but I couldn't stop the inevitable and he scored.  A 1-1 draw was a good result against such a good coach though so I was pretty happy with that.

Game two and I was facing Amazons, this time with fourteen players and a mass of skills.  I just could not hurt them - even when I knocked them over they wouldn't stay down!  In comparison, my beastmen were dropping like those fainting goats..  I lost 2-0.

The third game and I was playing against a Nurgle team.  My luck changed in this game and I didn't fail one Foul Appearance roll.  I caused a few casualties on his team as well so I was in control for a good portion and I won this game 2-1.  I did make a rather elfish last turn touchdown to win though - beastmen can be effective at the passing game despite Disturbing Presence if they can roll enough 6's.

Day two and we headed back to Jaywick, this time with a friend who was playing Dwarfs - he couldn't attend the first day but didn't want to miss out totally.  My fourth game and I was playing against Dark Elves.  We both knocked each other about in this one, doing casualties on both sides.  It finished a fair 1-1.

Game five and I was taking on Dwarfs - but not those coached by my friend.  The chap playing them was a relatively new coach but that didn't matter as his team just battered mine.  We all have one of those games where every armour roll breaks armour and every injury roll causes a casualty - and this happened to me.  By the end I was down to four players on the field and I couldn't stop him.  He won 2-1 and I could do nothing but congratulate him on his win, which turned out to be his only of the tournament so good on him!

For my last game I was taking on Vampires.  They had lost all but one game and his thralls were used to taking a kicking.  My poor opponent rolled a rather staggering amount of 1's for his Blood Lust rolls and his thralls were getting munched all over the place.  I went 2-0 up in the second half but I couldn't stop his vampires doing some razzle dazzle to bring it back to a 2-1 win to me.

I ended the tournament with two wins, two draws and two losses which, considering the rather daft team selection I took, I couldn't really complain at.  One bonus was that I won the Most Casualties trophy so that was good news.  I can put the Chaos team away now as I've used them in a league and a tournament - time for me to paint another team now.  My next tournament is in January so I have a month or so to get them done.

Most Casualties

Thursday, October 23

More Blood Bowl Than You Can Shake A Goblin At

The Chelmsford Bunker's Blood Bowl League starts next week so I'm keen to see how my Norse team fares against my club mates.  I've got a fairly standard starting roster of :

2 x Blitzers
1 x Norse Werewolf
1 x Catcher
6 x Linemen
1 x Yhetee
3 x Rerolls

I'm hoping to survive the first game without too many injuries - and hopefully earn enough to purchase an apothecary.  After that, I'll start saving for another Norse Werewolf.  Time will tell how well that plan works out!

On top of the start of the CBBBL, I'm also planning to a number of Blood Bowl tournaments.  In November, I'm attending COSH Bowl in Clacton which is being run by a couple of buddies from the tournament circuit.  In January next year, I'm hoping to go to the UK Team Challenge in York with a few guys from the Bunker.  In February there's Boudica Bowl III which is being held in Godmanchester in Huntingdon.  In April there is a new tournament called TOWIE Bowl which is in Harlow.  Finally, in May, the is the NAF Championship which I have already bought tickets and hotel rooms for.  I've not been to the NAFC before - the last time I attended it was still called the Blood Bowl way back in 2008 so I'm really looking forward to that one.

One last thing to mention is that I will be running Bunker Bowl again in March next year.  It will be another two-day tournament although I have a different venue and I'll update the rules set.  More details on this to follow soon...

For now, I will be concentrating on my Norse team and trying to paint a new team for the COSH Bowl.

Monday, September 29

STABB Cup IV Blood Bowl tournament

This past weekend I went to the STABB Cup IV tournament in St. Albans and took along my Norse team.  It was the first time I've used my newly painted team so they really were going to get a baptism of pain.

The rules were set so that the twenty-four different teams were tiered and each tier had a different amount to be spent on your team.  Skills were chosen ahead of time for six players and one of those players received that skill after each round.

My 1.1 mil team roster was :

1 x Snow Troll - (Mighty Blow)
2 x Blitzers (2 x Guard)
1 x Runner (Sure Hands)
1 x Ulfwerener (Block)
8 x Linemen (1 x Tackle)
3 x rerolls

Game 1 was close but I lost it 2-1 against High Elves.  Game 2 was against Dwarfs and again I had a close match but I failed to do much damage and lost 1-0.  Game 3 was against Goblins with an astonishing amount of secret weapons and bribes - I won 5-0.

For day two I was facing Wood Elves in Game 4 which saw me win 3-0.  I then faced Halflings but I couldn't hurt a fly and with three treemen they crushed me.  I lost 2-1.  In my last game I was up against Chaos Pact and I won that 2-0.  So three wins and three losses overall with is about average.  It was good fun though and I managed to win the Most Touchdown award on a technicality - the coach who scored more than me was awarded a trophy for being Runner Up and you can only win one trophy.  I'm not proud though so I'll happily accept it, especially as I was using Norse...

Next up for the Norse is the Blood Bowl league at the Chelmsford Bunker so I'll be starting a separate mini-blog just for that.

Thursday, September 4

Mordheim - taking it to the streets...

The Chelmsford Bunker is running a Mordheim campaign so I've joined in with my Middenheim warband.  I still had the scenery that came in the original box set - so I built that ready for the game tonight.  I added it to the buildings that my buddy Paul had already made up and the table was full - just what you need for Mordheim.

I'd forgotten how much fun playing Mordheim was.  I managed to get in two games; one against a Marienburg warband and the second against Paul's Skaven warband.  Somehow I managed to win both games and didn't suffer any injuries or deaths into the bargain.  I'm hoping to get some more games over the next month or so.

Sunday, July 27

WIP Helmut Wulf

Another star player completed for my Norse Blood Bowl team, this time Helmut Wulf the chainsaw-wielding looney.   This model is from the Willy Miniatures range and is a nice sculpt.  I'll base him when I've finished the last two star players.

WIP Zara the Slayer

I'm finishing off my Norse Blood Bowl team by painting a few star players - the first of which is Zara the Slayer.  I still need to base her (hence the WIP tag) but I'll do that when I finish painting the other stars.

Saturday, July 12

Norse Blood Bowl Team Completed

As you saw in my last post, I've been painting a Norse Blood Bowl team over the course of the World Cup with the idea being that I'd have a fully painted team before the final on the 13th July.  They have been completed!  This is the first full Blood Bowl team I've painted since 2009 so I'm very happy to have got them done in the timespan I'd set myself and before the final game - I didn't want to be busy painting when there is football to watch!

I did leave the two star players to one side, however, as I wanted to concentrate on the players that form the team itself rather than the add-ons.  I have some extras to add to those two as well now as I've bought an Icepelt Hammerblow and a Helmut Wulf to add to Zara and Wilhelm Chaney.  I'll get those done next.

This Norse team will be used in the STABB Cup in September so I've got them done in plenty of time - and I'll probably use them in the CBBBL league that starts at the Chelmsford Bunker in October.

Anyway - here's the pics of the team.

More Linemen
Snow Troll
Norse Team

Saturday, June 14

World Cup Painting Pact

Chatting with some Blood Bowl buddies on Twitter, the topic of painting motivation came up.  I have signed up for the STABB Cup tournament in October and want to take a Norse team - which is one I own but has never been built or painted.  My friend Pete said that he doesn't get a chance to tournaments which was a shame as they are the perfect motivation to get a team painted.  I then had the bright idea to suggest that we both try to paint a team over the next month and we give each other motivation.  One thing led to another - and we are now in a World Cup Painting Pact!  We have promised to paint our teams whilst the World Cup is on and to have the teams finished before the final on 13 July.

Pete is going to paint one of his classic 2nd ed teams he is collecting - a Chaos team.  I'm, of course, going to be painting a Norse team that I bought far too long ago.  One model I never did get around to purchasing until the last week or so was a Snow Troll.  When I first bought the team, no such position existed on the Norse roster and I didn't like the GW Yeti models as I'd have to do some weapon snips.  Thankfully, there are a lot of independent mini manufacturers now that have stepped up to fill the gap that GW never filled so I have bought a Willy Miniatures Snow Troll for the team.  I already have some star players for the team so I'll paint those up too - Zara the Slayer (the only already undercoated model) and Wilhelm Chaney.  I just ordered some additional stars for the team from Tritex Games - a Helmut Wulf and an Icepelt Hammerblow again from Willy Miniatures.  So - let's get painting!

Thursday, May 8

Into the Underhive

I've always liked skirmish games with a campaign system and Necromunda is one that I've been wanting to play, quite literally, for years.  I was bought an Orlock gang for my birthday many moons ago and I painted them up ready to play in a campaign at the Chelmsford Bunker.  I ended up missing out on it due to being busy with work so I never did get to play.  Several years later, the Bunker is soon to be running another Necromunda campaign so I signed up so I could finally try the game out.

My buddy Luke has been helping me learn the game  and last night we tried out a couple of the scenarios which aren't just a big punch up, namely the Scavengers scenario where your gang has to gain control of loot counters dotted all around the terrain and the Raid scenario where one gang has to attack a piece of scenery defended by sentries.  Both were good fun and they helped me get to grips with the game mechanics.  I need a few more games to feel comfortable before the start of the campaign and I also need to purchase / make some scenery to bring along on campaign evenings - but I've enjoyed Necromunda and hope to play more games of it even after the campaign ends.

A brace of heavy stubbers defend a stash of weapons

Orlock ganger traversing the rickety walkways of Dust Falls

Monday, April 14

Salute 2014

Just a quick update to say that I went to Salute at the weekend.  It's always a good show and some of my club mates from the Chelmsford Bunker were there; some running a Warmachine demo table and others demoing Bushido for GCT studios.  I had pre-ordered an Ogre Blood Bowl team from Tritex Games so I collected those - but apart from that I had a very frugal show, buying nothing else except lunch and a Help For Heroes wristband!

I had a catch up with some of my old GCN buddies and Tim Eagling who was running a pirate table.  It's worth going to the show just to chat to your mates :)

Saturday, April 5

Dreadball Dynamos

I've been reading the Dreadball rulebook and watching "how to play" video on You Tube in preparation for Boot Camp this Wednesday.  From what I've learned so far, the Corporation team are pretty decent at playing the game - so I thought I'd best get main painted to give myself a chance.  These models are the team I got in the Dreadball box set along with Gabe, an MVP that I was given along with the box.

Tuesday, March 25

Runner Up Blues

A toast to the new Champion!
I've been playing Blood Bowl solidly since September last year and somehow managed to get my Chaos Dwarf team into the playoffs in the Bunker league.  I won the semi-final match against my a Skaven team and was facing another Skaven team in the final - coached by my mate Paul.  It was a tough game but Paul finally managed to score a touchdown at the end of the second half to win the title.  So close!

With the Blood Bowl season now officially over, I'll still be playing the game via FUMBBL.  A few of the regular in the BB league are playing a league on there which has been great fun.  I've also joined in with a few other leagues with varying success.  It's all practice for the start of the new CBBBL season in October.  I recently received a new team which I'd supported through an Indigogo campaign - Rolljordan wanted to resculpt his Horned Frog range and add additional models which the funds would help him with.  My team arrived a couple of weeks ago along with some extra models that were thrown in with it - such as star players and a cheer leader!  I'll be using these as a Slann team at some point.  I've also pre-ordered a plastic/resin Ogre team that Impact Miniatures produced recently - I'll be collecting these from Tritex Games at Salute next month.

Apart from the regular Blood Bowl shenanigans, I'll be finally playing Dreadball in April as my friend Tom will be running a boot camp at the club.  I have my painted Z'zor team ready to go but I'm going to try to get both the Corporation and Orx teams in the box set painted for training day - I think they'll be easier to learn with.

Rolljordan - Horned Frogs (Slann)

Monday, March 10

Boudica Bowl II

This weekend, I attended Boudica Bowl II, a NAF registered Blood Bowl tournament run by the Huntingdon and District Wargames Society.  They are a great group of seasoned Blood Bowl coaches and I have met most of them before at other tournaments, especially at the Bunker Bowl events that I have run before.  I missed out on attending their first tournament last year as unfortunately it clashed with Mother's Day.  Thankfully there were no such conflicts this year so I wasn't going to miss it!

I decided a while ago that I wanted to join the "24 club" - which means using each of the NAF approved teams in a NAF tournament.  Of the painted teams I have, that meant I could only choose from my Chaos, Chaos Dwarf or Dwarfs teams as I've used Amazons, Halflings, Humans, Lizardmen, Necromantic and Skaven before.  I'm currently using Chaos Dwarfs in the Bunker league so I didn't want to use them - and I unfortunately dropped my Chaos team and chipped some of the paint on them so they need some repairwork before using them against.  So - Dwarfs were the team for me this time.  I don't find Dwarfs a particularly exciting team to use though.  Sure, they're tough but their playstyle is limiting so I tend to not play them in the usual way.  I don't cage up with them and I also sometimes pass and dodge with them - which has cost me games with them but at least it's not boring.

My first game of the day was randomly drawn against Besters, one of the best BB coaches I've played against.  He was using Norse so I was sure I would get trampled!  It was a close game though and we ended on a 1-1 draw which I was pretty happy with as he is a far better coach than I am.  Game two and I was facing against a HDSWBBL regular who was using Chaos Dwarfs.  He kicked to me to start the game and he'd set up his bull centaurs forgetting that my troll slayers had the frenzy skill - so I'd knocked over one and pushed the other off the field in my first turn.  He played a great recovery game though and stopped me from scoring that half.  My problem was that I couldn't hurt his players - so he just outplayed me in the end.  The game ended a 1-0 loss.  My last game of the day saw me facing another HDWSBBL coach who had organised the hall hire for the club - he was using Orcs.  I scored late in the first half leaving him just one turn to equalise - which he did spectacularly with a thrown goblin.  I kept plugging away at him and I knocked out some of his players which gave me space to move and score again.  In his last turn he had one more chance to throw a goblin - but the kick-off result was a blitz and I managed to swamp the troll with tackle zones so he failed his throw.  2-1 win to me.

Day two and I was feeling fairly happy with 1 win, 1 draw and 1 loss.  All I wanted was a couple of wins from the weekend and I was nearly there already.  My first game of the day was against another HDWSBBL coach with a Human team.  He really struggled with my team having Guard but he was a canny enough coach to try moving his team around and hitting me from different angles.  In the end though I managed to hurt/knock out enough of his players to get the win which was a 2-1 result.  For game five I was drawn against Andrew who had travelled up with me - he was using Wood Elves.  His "trick" was to give Hail Mary Pass skill to his thrower so he could lob the ball into the other end of the field and just send his wardancers and throwers at them.  We had an absolutely cracking game which was end to end stuff.  He could easily have won it had he managed to get off a Hail Mary Pass - but his thrower fumbled it and I managed to recover it to win 2-1.  Best game of the weekend for sure!  My last game was against my friend Sam who used to play at the Bunker - he was using Necromantics.  Sam plays a lot of tournaments and really does know his tactics - so I was expecting to lose.  If my players had managed to hurt his earlier into the game I might have put up more of a fight but it was well into the second half before my team started clearing the pitch.  The game ended a 2-1 loss but I couldn't complain at that really.

So - three wins, one draw and two losses was a pretty good result for my weekend of Blood Bowl.  I had a great time and I even got a trophy to take home - Best Sportsman!

Monday, March 3

Dreadball Z'zor

The Blood Bowl season is drawing to a close - and even though I've made the play-offs for the first time, I will have at most two more games before the season ends.  Whilst Blood Bowl glory still awaits (with Nuffle's blessing, of course...) I thought I'd best start looking at what to do until the next season starts in October.

With a multitude of available projects, it fell to one of my gaming buddies badgering me to get me motivated - so my Dreadball Z'zor team have now been painted.  They're not the best models and they were a complete pain to glue together - but after a white undercoat and a green wash they were looking okay.  A few colours here and there and I'm happy to call them done - good enough for gaming with, at least.  This is the box set team with the MVP Ludwig.  I guess I'd best read the rulebook now then...

Thursday, January 9

2014? Best get some gaming done then...

H-Bomb's Dindrenzi vs my Aquans.  Much reading of the new rules was needed!
I've been playing Blood Bowl fairly regularly at the Chelmsford Bunker as the CBBBL VI is rattling on and there's still a month or two of gridiron action still to be played before the end of the season.  I had another league game yesterday on the first club night of the year against Harvey (known to all in the Bunker as H-Bomb) and we had a quick intro game after of Firestorm Armada using the new 2.0 rulebook.  I only picked up a copy of the new rulebook last night so we'll try to get a little more organised after the Blood Bowl season has ended to try to get a Firestorm campaign going.
I was hoping to get a little hobby time at the end of last year but it just didn't happen.  I've got a few projects which need to get started so, whenever I get some spare time, I'll pick one and make a start.  On the list at the moment are :
  • A High Elf Blood Bowl team for next year's CBBBL league.  I've never played any kind of elf team in a league so I think it's time I got one painted.  I'm picking up paints for these at the moment - they're probably going to end up a purple / white scheme.
  • Various Doctor Who miniatures from Black Tree Design.  My buddy Darren and I managed to get printed copies of the Doctor Who Miniatures Game rulebook when the game designer did a limited print run.  BTD helped out by having a 50% sale on all their Doctor Who range recently so I bought all eight versions of the Doctor that they sell plus a bunch of companions to go along with them.  While I was at it, I bought some transparent 25mm bases so the minis will match whatever terrain we use them on.  This will be a slow burn project but it would be good to get some games in on this.
  • Fortune Hunters for DeepWars.  Last year I bought into DeepWars - I've got all the Fortune Hunters models that are currently available.  The models are absolutely lovely - really nice detail and the game looks pretty cool too.
That's enough to be getting on with and I'll probably make a start on the High Elves first.

The main thing I want to do this year is just keep gaming.  I've got enough models for enough game systems that I really should be able to play a game of something each week.  I also want to run Bunker Bowl again this year after last year's hiatus.  Anything else on top of these I get to do will be a bonus!