Sunday, April 26

Liche Priest and Warriors

I've been busy painting more Tomb Kings models and have completed my first Hero model - a mounted Liche Priest. I've also been toiling away on a second big unit of twenty-five Warriors armed with hand weapons and shields. I've painted an extra five of them so I could bump up the first unit to twenty-five as well. In total, I've painted fifty-two of them, the two spare models being for when I don't want to field the musicians.

I might take a short break from painting Tomb Kings as I promised I'd paint a Blood Bowl team so that I can loan it to someone going to the Blood Bowl GT at the end of May. I can't go myself this year unfortunately but at least I can play vicariously though somone else borrowing a team of mine! I'm keen to get back to work on the Tomb Kings though as I've really been enjoying painting them. There's still lots more to come - two Tomb Kings, two more Liche Priests, another unit of ten bowmen, another three chariots and twenty-four horsemen are all on the cards...

Monday, April 13

Swing low sweet chariot...

More Tomb Kings completed, this time the first unit of chariots. These were fairly quick to paint (for me, that is...) as they were done in about a week.

Tuesday, April 7

Skeleton Warriors

I've painted my first unit of Tomb Kings warriors with hand weapons and shields. I made nineteen of them without command add-ons with the intention of giving them a Tomb Prince to lead them but as I had the models spare, I also made the three command models so I can switch them out if I feel the need. When I get more warriors constructed, I'll make extra so I can get them unit up to twenty-five as that's probably the only time I'd use the command models.

I bought the desert grass flock from Gale Force 9. They make a nice range of alternative flock colours rather than just the summer grass. While I was basing these models, I put the flock on the bowmen at the same time (hence the updated photo!)