Friday, April 30

Psykana Librarius

The Librarian in terminator armour is ready for battle - which is handy as I'm going to use him in a tournament tomorrow! As you can see, I converted him to be holding a storm shield - that's so he gets a 3+ invulnerable save for the loss of no attacks in close combat plus he can still "shoot" with his psychic powers. I'm planning to deep strike him into battle leading my Terminator Squad when he can then unleash his Avenger flamer template on nearby targets. I'll let you know how it goes!

Tuesday, April 20

Predator II

Here's another tank for the Crimson Fists - this time a Predator Destructor. This model was originally built for a Dark Angels army I was building but I removed all the DA iconography so I could re-use it for this army. The bullet holes in the front armour plate of the Predator were to help hide some of the scarring to the hull where I had to use clippers to remove the old icons! I also had to do some emergency surgery on it when I was painting it as the left weapon sponson glued itself completely immobile. I cut off the top weapon sight and cut the sponson mount so I could drill a hole though the plug and use brass rod to recreate the spindle. It seems to have worked a treat as the heavy bolter still turns and you can barely see where I fixed it.

I'm going to take this army to a small tournament on the 1st May - at 4TK which is a independant reseller and gaming club based in Colchester. I've been meaning to go along to the store for ages but never had the chance. Hopefully I'll get to do that more after the tourney. In the list I've written for the 1200 point force (purposefully small as we're playing on 4ft x 4ft tables) I need a Terminator Librarian to lead my Terminator Squad. I'll be building and painting him over the next week or so.

Friday, April 16

Wings of faith

I know two blog updates in a week is unusual but the Chaplain below didn't take that much time to paint. Having mostly black armour makes him even faster to paint than the normal blue Crimson Fists - I can see why people opt to paint Black Templars as you get them done in no time! The only concern I had with this model was that I was unsure whether to give him two red gauntlets the way I have with all the veteran sergeants and characters in the rest of the army. I thought a red gauntlet on the right hand might clash with the grip of his crozius arcanum so, in the end, I decided to leave it black and just paint his left fist red.

At least I now have a suitable character to lead my Assault Squad into combat. Chaplains excel when added to a close combat unit thanks to them allowing the entire squad to reroll any failed "to hit" rolls. It was one of my favourite units in my Howling Griffons army so I had so make another for this Crimson Fists force.

Tuesday, April 13

For the high jump...

I finally got back into the swing of things by finishing these Assault Marines that have been on my paint station since January. I opted to break from tradition and give the sergeant a thunder hammer instead of the habitual power fists that are liberally dotted around this army - mainly as I wanted to try something different for once. I also chose to give a pair of flamers to the squad instead of plasma pistols as the number of wounds caused by flamers outweighs the instant kill option the pistols afford. I have found those instant kills tend to be the marines holding them.

Next up is probably going to be a Chaplain to lead them...