Tuesday, May 3

Fergus Alecsson

My Middenheim Mustangs needed a team coach and I had just the model for the job - I just never got around to painting him at the same time as the team...  I've done just that now and he's ready to lead them to glory.  This is the Fergus Alecsson model made by Heresy Miniatures.

Monday, May 2

Griff Oberwald

I've been out and bought some more paints which I feel is an encouraging development in getting my hobby mojo back.  I was close to buying new toys too but then sense prevailed and I remembered how much I've already got that I've already bought and not built or painted yet.  So - I decided to crack on and get another Blood Bowl model painted, this time an old Griff Oberwald model for my Middenheim Mustangs team.

I'm already over half way through another model for this team; this time a head coach to lead them.  He'll be finished in the next painting session so hopefully it won't be long before he appears on here.