Monday, September 15

They think it's all over! It is now!

Well - Gamesday '08 is over and our Legends of the High Seas game seemed to go down very well with the people who played it. It was quite a fast-paced game and despite having four people playing per game, we got ten games of it in over the course of the day - so that was about forty people introduced to the game system. I've posted some pictures of the islands that were taken on one of our play-test days to give you an idea of what it looked like - and you can see some in-game shots plus some of the Bunker crew from the day itself.

Pirate play-testing shots
Shot of the table ready for the first game...
Mike White - Chelmsford Bunker President
Mid-game action
Our only shark attack of the day. The Tribal Islander pushed a pirate into the sea and a shark ate him!

Barry Arnold - last of the trimuvirate of High Seas nutters at the Chelmsford Bunker (myself and Mike White being the other two!)

Mike Frith - stalwart Gamesday helper for the Bunker...

Some of the Chelmsford Bunker crew

Friday, September 12

Gamesday approaching

I've painted the last few things that I needed for the club's Gamesday table - some "X marks the spot" markers to show where the treasure is hidden on the islands, plus some treasure chests that show the pirate crews have found some. I've also painted some of the Crusader range of pirate models that I got earlier this year. We've using four different pirate crews so we thought it would be nice to use models from different ranges to show people what's available - we're using Foundry, Black Cat Bases, Black Scorpion and the Crusaders.

Also on the table, we've got some "killer monkeys" as one of the encounters the pirates will battle against to get the treasure. These are baboons made by Obelisk Miniatures and they were painted by Matt Ashworth.

Next post on here will some pictures from the day itself - it should be fun!