Monday, March 13

Boudica Bowl V - Do Vampires Suck?

My first tournament with Vampires is over and after six games, I'm probably going to say that I enjoyed them for the most part.  They are a challenging team and, as was proved by the tournament winner who also used them, in the right hands they can be unstoppable.  I'm not sure my hands are the right hands though - I would certainly need more practice with them before I opted to take them to another tournament.  I was hoping to get two wins out of the weekend and I didn't quite manage to get that.

For the tournament, I was allowed six normal skills on day one (trading two of those for a double if I so wished), and then another three on day two (trading two of those to stack another normal skill on someone who got a skill on day one.  So my roster for the tournament was :

3 x Vampires with Block (one getting Dodge on Day 2)
8 x Thralls (three with Wrestle on Day 1 and another on Day 2)
Wilhelm Chaney (Werewolf star player)
3 x rerolls

I got a 1-0 win over Dwarfs, a 2-0 loss against the other Vampire team, then a 3-2 loss to Skaven which I felt I really should have won.  Day two and I played a 1-1 draw against Khemri, then a 2-2 draw against Orcs, then another Khemri team where it also finished 1-1.  So my Vampires managed a 1-3-2 result - not terrible but a little disappointing.  It was a good fun weekend though as I have a lot of gaming buddies who attend it - so that's always good.  My friend James had picked me up a Blood Bowl mug from Warhammer World too so that was a nice bonus to bring home.

Wednesday, March 1

Vampire Blood Bowl team

It's been a while since I posted on here as I dropped out of doing any hobby projects over Christmas and the New Year.  As ever though, the threat of an upcoming Blood Bowl tournament pushes me into action and I dig out my paint station and a team in need of some attention.  Next on the list of teams in my quest to use all 24 official Blood Bowl teams in NAF tournaments is the Vampires.

I bought this team back in 2011.  GW had just announced they were going to start producing minis in FineCast resin and I didn't like the sound of it - so I bought the last four teams I needed from them in one batch (Nurgle, Pro Elf, Khemri and Vampires).  I knew that the Vampires were a tough team to use though so they did end up being pushed down the list of projects - six years in the lead mountain is long enough for them! I wanted to paint them in a dark scheme but also wanted them to be a more natural colours - so I settled on some muted browns, blacks and reds with some silver armour highlights.

I'm still deciding on what roster to take to the tournament (which is Boudica Bowl V) so I repainted Wilhelm Chaney who had been partly painted for my Norse team.  He'll give me some options if I decide to try him out.

This is the original sculpt for the Vampire Lord mini done by Steve Buddle

Sunday, November 20

Cam Dub IV Tournament results

Mass brawl between Ogres and Slann
This weekend saw one of my favourite Blood Bowl tournaments take place, the Cambridge Double Trouble IV (Cam Dub IV).  I took my new ogres and the rules allowed them to take five doubles skills - I chose the following roster for my 1,100,000 allowance :

4 x Ogres with Block
1 x Ogre with Sure Hands
9 x Snotlings
3 x Rerolls
1 x  Fan Factor

1st game vs Goblins got me a 2-1 win and 2-2 on casualties.
2nd game vs Norse was a 0-3 loss with a 3-5 on casualties
3rd game vs Pro elves was a 0-1 loss with a 4-2 on casualties
4th game vs Goblins was a 0-0 draw with 3-2 on casualties
5th game vs Slann was terrible!  A 0-3 loss with 0-2 on casualties
6th game vs High Elves was a 1-0 with with a crazy 7-1 on casualties.

I was very happy with a 2-1-3 result.  Two of the losses were against former NAF Championship champions but all my opponents were really good coaches and all were fantastic fun games.

My buddy Chris all set for the weekend
First opponent - Billy Dee and his Goblins
Trooper Red 'n' Black - lunchtime treat! 
"Bloody Slann are armour plated!"
I was awarded the Best Painted Team which was brilliant.  I also was the Stunty Cup winner despite no official trophy for it and managed to get most casualties - but as I'd already won an award it was given to someone else which is fair enough :) On top of all that I won a Black Scorpion human team in the Blood Bowl bingo game!

Sunday, November 13

Ogre Blood Bowl Team

I've had to put my Tau project aside so I can concentrate on getting my Vortice Miniatures Ogres ready for the Cam Dub tournament.  I've really enjoyed painting them!  I barely noticed the time go past as I they are just fantastic minis.  I still have some prone/stunned tokens to paint for them but the team is already for use next weekend.

Just a quick update - I've painted the prone / stunned markers for the team now so I can use them at the tournament as well.

Thursday, October 20

Hobby / Gaming Update

It's been a while since my last update so I thought I really should post an update just to help keep a record of things that have been happening.

First up was the final of the Blood Bowl league at the Bunker - the CBBBL VIII final.  It was between Andrew's Orc team called Da New Ork Giants who taking on George's Dwarf team, the Bloody Owls.  I got to watch most of the game and it really was very close, aided by just one single casualty being caused the whole game.  Andrew managed to go 1-0 in the 2nd half but George equalised on the final turn of the 2nd half so it went to overtime.  Andrew received the ball but was denied the winning touchdown by a dwarf interception in the dying moments of the game.  The game went to penalties - and George won on the dice off.  He was very chuffed to have won it!

George - CBBBL VIII Champion!
I've also been playing a few games of Guild Ball here and there, with the last game being played outside on the patio when the club was really busy one night.  It was going really well until the sun went down and we realised that the lighting outside the club wasn't working.  We had to get our phones out to light up the pitch!  We only lasted a few more turns until the constant dive bombing of the moths made us abandon the game - it was getting really silly as we couldn't read the cards anymore!
Guild Ball by gaslight
Games Workshop released Kill Team which was is a stripped down version of 40K - the box set seems a really good deal so in a fit of nostalgia, I bought the set.  This was the first time I'd bought anything from GW in six or seven years.  The box contained a squad of Space Marines and a unit of Tau Fire Warriors - and as my buddy Paul had also bought the set, we agreed to trade models to maximise our minis.  I opted for the Tau as I've never painted or played with them before.  I've been painting them but need to finish off the core models and get them based (I bought some nice urban rubble type resin bases for them which is why they are pinned to corks).

While I'm still finishing off the Tau, Paul and I had a quick try at Kill Team the other night, him using Dark Eldar and me using my old Crimson Fists.  The Space Marines got wiped out very easily thanks to some terrible dice rolling on my part but it was good fun.
"Eat hot bolter death Xenos scum!"
 My next hobby project (apart from finishing off the Tau) is probably going to be my Vortice Miniatures Ogre team as I intend to use them at the Cambridge Double Trouble tournament at the end of November.  They're a great looking team and hopefully shouldn't take too long as most of the models are tiny!  I'll post up pictures one I make a start after deciding on the colour scheme.

Thursday, September 1

Guild Ballin'

With Blood Bowl season now over for me, I've started getting ready for some more games of Guild Ball.    I finally got my goal ready for use for my Butchers team and I have also painted a couple of new minis for them; those being Truffles the Season II mascot and Tater who's going to be a Farmer's Guild player in the Season III rules and currently available as a Big League player.  I still have Fillet and Tenderizer to paint so I have more options.

Dan - King of Guild Ball! Using his Hunters
Sherwin and Andrew
H-Bomb and Tom
H-Bomb and his Alchemists

Thursday, August 18

Blood Bowl League Playoffs and Hobby Plans

After nearly a year, the CBBBL season is coming to an end and eight teams reached the play-off stages, four from each division.  Quarter-final games are currently being played to see who will go into the semi-finals.

My Undead team and my Goblin team both finished 3rd in each respective division but my Goblins couldn't qualify as you can't take two teams into the play-offs - so it ended up that my Undead were facing off against my friend George's rather meaty Dwarf team.  His team was so well stacked that I could induce Count Luthor - which I did as I'd painted him as a test piece to see how the colour scheme for my Undead team would work.  It was about time he got a chance to hit the field.

It was a bit of a mammoth game in the end.  Both of us made mistakes and had luck at different times but the game was a 2-2 draw at the end of normal time.  Count Luthor did pretty well for himself.  He got injured but managed to Regenerate and he scored the final touchdown to equalise the game.  We then played one half of overtime and neither of us managed to get the winning touchdown.  After nearly four hours of playing, it came down to penalties - which George won 3-2.  So close!  George's team progresses to the semi-finals and that's the end of my Blood Bowl season.  I believe my next game of tabletop Blood Bowl will be in November when I attend a tournament in Cambridge.

With Blood Bowl ending, I will be trying to concentrate hobby and game time to playing Guild Ball as I've really been enjoying that.  I will be painting Fillet and Tenderiser to add to my Butcher's team as well as the new Tater model which is one of the Farmer's Guild players who is available for use in Big League games only.  I picked up the new Butcher's mascot mini last night too so I'll try to get him painted along with the other Season II models.  Once those four minis are painted, I need to decide whether I'm going to try to get my Malifaux Guild box painted, start on my Guild Ball Masons or pick a Blood Bowl team to paint.  I have built and undercoated an Underworld team as I had intended to try them at the Cambridge tournament - but I think now I might need to use Ogres instead.