Sunday, April 27

More Middenheimers

This has been the first free day I've had to be able to get some painting done and, as I promised myself I'd get a project finished before moving on to the next, I returned to painting the Middenheimer models for my Mordheim warband. This time, I've completed some of the marksmen - three bowmen and a blunderbuss.

Blunderbusses are an expensive weapon in the game and are a one-shot wonder, but the potential damage they can do really can swing a game if you fire one at the right time. Even if you don't get to fire it, just having one in your warband can help force your opponent to change his tactics as they will not want to get on the business end of one of these guns!

I've already made a small start on the next three models for the warband; this time it's the turn of more marksmen although these are armed with crossbows. Hopefully I can get some more work done on them over the next week or two. Until then, here's the models I painted today...

Sunday, April 20

Salute 2008

I went to Salute 2008 yesterday along with a bunch of guys from the Chelmsford Bunker. I've been once before back a couple of years ago and it was just as good as before, if not better. The main benefit of a show like Salute is you get to meet all the manufacturers that make the hobbyists purchase and you can see what new stuff they've brought out and previewed on the day.

My main intention this year was to get some more models for Legends of the High Seas, especially Hired Hands - so Black Cat Bases were first on the list as they made most of the models specifically for use with the High Seas. I also wanted to get some of their Tribal Islander models for use as NPC's. In the end, I bought all the Hired Hands and Islanders I wanted as well as some of their Navy crew - they sell a pack containing three marines and a captain along with a resin longboat for only £12. That's something they don't have on their website so I couldn't say no to that! As I'd spent over £30 on pirate models, they threw in a small model carry case as well!

After that, I headed over to Black Scorpion who make some lovely pirate models and who'd just got some new models out for the day. I bought a set of their Navy models to give me some diversity and also one of their new weapon sprue packs so I can convert some models to hold whatever weapons I need them too. I also bought some of their fantastic female pirate range for my friend Phil - I'm sure he'll be happy with them. If I'd had any of my own cash left, I'd have bought some myself!

Sunday, April 13

Setting sail on the seven seas...

Hobbycraft really is a great store. I visited the branch in Basildon today and picked up lots of bits that I needed to get some of my pirate ships ready for action for the new Legends of the High Seas campaign at my club.

Mike White (club president and all-round nutty hobbyist) recently bought a load of cheap toy pirate ships and brought them to the club for us to buy off him. I bought a £3 ship off him that although a little small in scale compared to the 28mm models we use, is not that different to stop me using it in the game. Here's a pic of it in the box...

As you can see, although the basic shape was okay, it needed some work. First thing I did was to remove all the masts, sails and rigging - all those bits would get in the way when playing with models based on 25mm bases. I also trimmed the gun barrels away from the sides of the ship and cut away the wheels underneath it.

Thanks to the bits I bought from Hobbycraft, I could then set to work. I covered all the gun ports with bits of balsa and replaced the masts with wooden dowels. I also filled in the holes on one side of the ship that were there to allow the two halves of the ship to be screwed together. The last thing I did was to glue the crow's nest to the top of the centre mast. This is how she looks now:

All I need to do to it now is spray it with a black undercoat and get it painted ready for the 30th when the campaign starts!

Monday, April 7

Pirates and gangsters

I got a parcel from North Star Figures today - my order for the full range of Crusader Pirates arrived. I managed to get in on the special deal that Nick had given for orders placed before the 1st April - all seven blisters of models for just £28 which worked out £7 off. There's a wide mix of models, all of which are perfect for Legends of the High Seas and most of these minis are shown in the book itself.

Along with the North Star parcel, I also received a package from - they were running yet another sale and I managed to pick up a 2-disc dvd of "Gangs of New York" for just £4. It's a great film and I like listening to the commentarys from the directors and actors as it gives you a lot more understanding about the film and how it was made. One thing I did discover after I first saw the film was that Brigade Games make models that tie in with it, even having minis to represent Bill the Butcher and Priest Vallon. Check their range of Victorian Age Gangsters. I doubt I'll ever get around to buying the models myself - and if I did, I doubt even more that I'd ever get around to painting and gaming with them. They're cracking models though so you never know...

Wednesday, April 2

First post

I thought I'd start off this new blog with some pictures of my latest hobby project - some Mordheim Middenheimers. I've been a fan of the game since it came out and although I've got pretty much most of the warbands, up until now I've only had two of them painted; and neither of those are what are classed as "official" (Pit Fighters and Outlaws of Stirland Forest if you want to know!). I recently rediscovered where I'd put these models and decided to finally get them painted.

I've got a few other models that I'm still painting for this warband - a few Marksmen and some Warriors. I'll post pics of them once they're completed.