Tuesday, June 23

Mr. Zero

One of the guys in my gaming club pointed out that my Middenheimer Blood Bowl team needed a big guy model for when the team gets enough winnings to be able to purchase an ogre. As it happened, I've been getting one ready and I finished him tonight...

This is one of the old 2nd. edition ogre models that I've had hanging around for ages. He's small enough to fit onto a 25mm base really but I put him on a 40mm base to match all the other big guy models I have in my collection. I'm sure I'll regret that whenever I use him against an ogre team!

Monday, June 15

Middenheim Blood Bowl team

I dug out this old project when a load of the guys from my gaming club went to the Blood Bowl GT. I was kinda peeved that I couldn't go and wasn't in the mood to paint the things I should be painting. I rediscovered the models while I was looking for something else to paint and decided to get them done once and for all.

The models themselves are from the 3rd. edition Blood Bowl set except I removed all their heads and replaced them with heads from the Empire Knight and Milita box sets. All fairly easy stuff but I knew I wanted them to be in a blue and white quartered scheme - mainly as the 2nd. edition rulebook had showed the Middenheim Marauders to be in a red and white quartered scheme and that just seemed wrong for Middenheimers! Painting so much white was a bit daunting and I think that's what had made me put the team in the "to paint" box all those years ago. They took me three weeks to finish but I'm really happy with the way they came out.

Saturday, June 13

Flight of the Migs

Sometime last year, I bought some 1/600 scale aircraft as I'd spotted some air combat rules in Wargames Illustrated and wanted to give them a go. I bought a few different US and North Vietnamese planes and decals from Dom's Decals - the planes were made by Tumbling Dice but buying them from Dom's Decals meant I could see pictures of them. Anyway, as is normal for me, I received the models through the post, put them in a drawer and then forgot about them completely...

Yesterday though, I found them when I was hunting for something else - and I thought I'd best get some painted! The decals were fiddy but they didn't take too long to fit after I got into the swing of it. Micro Sol really helps to make them adhere to the surface.

I'm quite please with how they came out and I hope to get around to painting the other models at some point - I've got some Mig 21's, F105's and F4's still to paint.