Monday, January 19

Rodents of unusual size

I've painted yet another player for my Skaven Blood Bowl team - a rookie Rat Ogre. I didn't add a Rat Ogre to the starting line-up as I felt they can be a bit hit and miss although the added strength can really boost a team. In my first three games with the Warpstone Wanderers, I've lost two games and drawn the third - suffering two deaths and a couple of crippled gutter runners. I think this big guy may well be purchased sooner rather than later...

Sunday, January 11

Skaven and Superheroes

I've painted some of the extra Skaven team models I mentioned in my last blog entry. Here you can see some journeymen linemen, star player Hakflem Skuttlespike and the team coach (who I've named Skaabwrath the Deluded...) Having spare journeymen players for your team can be handy, especially for teams that have low armour values like Skaven as you can be sure that a fair number of your players are going to get injured! When you can't field enough to make a full eleven player team, you're loaned enough rookie players to get you up to a full team. They aren't as useful as normal players as they can only use rerolls of you roll a 4+ beforehand but at least you're not undermanned from the start. After a game, you can buy the journeyman as a full player for your team if you wish - something you may want to do if they gained a skill. Most coaches just uses them as cannon fodder for the line of scrimmage though!

I do have more Skaven players for the team but they're not undercoated at the moment and it's far too cold outside to spray them. So, as I was at a loose end, I dug out a random model to paint to keep myself busy. That random model ended up being one of the SuperFigs range of superhero models that I bought ages ago from West Wind Productions. The SuperFigs models just appealed to me as I'm a superhero genre fan and I bought a load of them just for the sake of painting something "different". I've only painted a couple of them since I bought them but hopefully I'll get enough painted this year to be able to play some games with them. This model is "The Wisp" but I decided to paint it as a kind of "Human Torch" hero. So - here's Pyrene...

Wednesday, January 7

The Rat Pack.

As I mentioned previously, I've been trying to get my Skaven Blood Bowl team completed so I can use them in my club's new Blood Bowl league. I've completed the core of the team but I've got a few extras to add still - some journeymen linerats, some more stars, a rat ogre, some mutants and a few coaches. So - I'll wait until they're all done before doing a team shot. Until then - here's the Warpstone Wanderers.

The last photo is of my cat Jenny who decided to stage a "sit-in" in protest of me painting rodents...