Friday, July 27

To Boldly Go...

Back in December I spotted that Mongoose Publishing had written some new Star Trek rules for their "A Call To Arms" system.  I'm a total Trek fan, especially for the original series, so I knew I had to buy the rulebook.  A few years ago, I'd bought some Federation Commander boxes and the models were cool but pretty expensive for what they were.  The new miniatures that Mongoose were working on were in collaberation with ADB (who made Federation Commander) but they were redesigning the models into a slightly larger scale (1:3200) and with much better mouldings.  Mongoose had planned to make the whole range in resin but, due to some manufacturing issues, they've returned to metal for most of their range.  Some of the Romulan vessels are planned to be made in transparent resin - cloaked ships!  Fantastic.

I had held out on buying any minis for this new system until I went to Salute in April - but the temptation of being able to chat with the Mongoose guys and buy their models in person was too great.  I walked away with a Federation Squadron box and a sheet of their new Federation decals.  At Broadside (a fairly new wargames show in Kent), Mongoose were there again so I took home their new Federation Reinforcements box plus a pack of War Cruisers and a Fast Cruiser.  That still didn't seem like enough models so I started looking around for the best place to get one of the big fleet box sets - and found a seller on Amazon who was selling them at £50 - which is now £40 cheaper than RRP!  So, I bought a Federation and Klingon fleet box to give me lots of toys to paint.  The only model in the current range I was missing was one of the Manta Ray class ships (a New Fast Cruiser) but bought that from Mongoose just recently along with a ship that was a limited edition model until a few days ago, a Heavy Command Cruiser.

As I've got more than enough models to get busy with, I have dug out everything and taken pictures of them in their unbuilt state - and I'll add more pictures once they're built and painted.  Here's the models!

Federation Fleet Box - 16 ships, six shuttles and a mini rule book
Six shuttles - great little models on their own!
Burke-class Frigates.
Ramius-class Battle Frigates
Callahan-class Police Cutters
Texas-class Light Cruisers
Kearsage-class New Light Cruiser
Ortega-class War Destroyer
Chicago-class New Heavy Cruiser
Prometheus-class Strike Cruiser
Wolverine-class Fast Cruiser
Kirov-class Battle Cruiser
Federation-class Dreadnought
Constitution-class Heavy Cruiser
Manta Ray-class New Fast Cruiser
Lexington-class Command Cruiser (upgrade option for the Constitution-class)


I recently bought a couple of new release ships for the Federation - the Star Tiger Class New Light Dreadnought arrived but I'm still waiting for the Mars Class Battleship to be sent.

Thursday, July 19

First game

Well the Killers did well in their first Blood Bowl game of the season, winning 4-0 against my mate Paul's Slaanesh themed Chaos team.  It was certainly more of a case of the dice gods hating Paul's team as, of the three kick-off's my team did, two resulted in a blitz.  In fact, the only time Paul could field eleven players was before the first turn had started - I rolled a blitz for my kick-off result and one of his beastmen took a minotaur to the face before he knew what had happened.  It got so bad that for the second half, Paul could only field six players.  It's never fun to play a game and know that, whatever you do, there is very little you can do apart from just suffer it - but Paul is a really good sport and took the drubbing well.  I wasn't a jerk about it either - despite lots of easy opportunites, I didn't foul Paul's players when they were outnumbered and on the ground.  Doing that doesn't give me any SPP's and wouldn't have given me any tactical advantage over him by doing so (although if a Wardancer or Gutter Runner is ever foolish enough to fall over near my players, they'd best start praying as they'll be needing all the help they can get...)  As it happened, it was handy I hadn't ball stalled and fouled as I rolled another blitz kick-off and scored again...

After the game, one of my beastmen had suffered a -1 ST injury so I cut him from the team (no room for weaklings on Khorne's team!).  I won enough from the game to be able to purchase an apothecary and one of my beastmen had gained a normal skill.  For the next game, I will need to hire a journeyman to get my team up to eleven players again but he'll be fodder for the line of scrimmage anyway.  The only purchases I need to make for this team now are a couple of beastmen (to take me up to thirteen players) so I should hopefully be able to afford the 120K for them in the remaining nine games of the season.  Paul's team didn't fare quite so well - I killed one beastman and caused a -1 AG to another.  As ever, I look forward to my next game against Paul as every game we play is a memorable one.

My team are top of the CBBBL table after that result so I can look forward to the next league game now!  Lastly, here's some pics!

Paul being confident before the start.  Alas...

The only time my opponent had eleven players on the field

Sunday, July 15

Khorne's Killers

With the Chelmsford Bunker's new Blood Bowl league starting on Wednesday, I needed to get my Chaos team ready for gaming with - they needed some detailing and the base numbers painted on.  As you can see, I have enough beastmen to field a full team of just them so I've painted their numbers so I can switch them out with the warriors.

So - here's Khorne's Killers all ready for duty!

Sunday, July 1

When It Comes To The Crunch

Bunker Crew
Six games of Blood Bowl in two days is normally quite a big effort.  It's a surprisingly tactically game at heart and when you're facing against good opponents you have to really think hard to try your best.  The Carrot Crunch tournament is different though.  Rodders and Magic Dave run it so well and the venue is so nice and relaxing, you can totally immerse yourself in just having a fun weekend playing Blood Bowl with your peers.

I had six great games against six great opponents and the Halflings did a fairly decent job of it.

Game 1 saw me randomly drawn against an Ogre team - and my opponent won the Stunty Cup award with them in the end so he was pretty handy with them.  I was happy to get a 1-0 win against him (if I'd have scored two more tournament points I could have got the cup!  Oh well...)

Game 2 and I was against a Belgian Skaven player.  It was a tough match but we finished 2-2 which I was very pleased with.

Game 3 and I was drawn against the worst team I could have hoped to face - my mate Sherwin's Chaos Dwarfs.  Well it was only going to have one result with that match up - I lost 4-0.

Day two - game 4.  Another Bunker coach for me, this time my old mate Paul and his Chaos team.  He had given the Kick skill to one of his beastmen and that stuffed me totally.  It finished 3-1, the only consolation being that Puggy sneakily nicked a goal at the end.

Game 5 and against another Belgian Skaver player!  This was an unbelievably close match with my excellent opponent being hampered by having his rerolls stolen by my master chef and his dice being abysmal whilst mine were excellent.  All he had to do to draw the game on the last turn was blitz a halfling out of the way and make a go-for-it to get into the endzone.  Then he rolled a 1.  It ended 3-2 to me and I was fairly stunned to have won.

Games 6 and I needed a win to hope for the Stunty Cup - but I was drawn against the NAF President playing Orcs.  Ouch!  I was doomed from the start really!  It ended a 2-0 loss to me so no surprise there.  Always good to play against Lycos though as he's such a great guy.

So - two wins, one draw and three losses.  Not to bad and, strangely enough, it was the same result as I got at the Crunch in 2011 with Skaven.

The next tournament for me is the one-day members only Blood Bowl tournament at the Bunker; the next proper tournament will be the Bunker Bowl III in October.