Thursday, February 14

Dystopian Wars Campaign - Week 1

The first night of the Dystopian Wars campaign kicked off at the Chelmsford Bunker last night and, as you can see from the picture above, we had a whole ocean filled with ships trading shots across the waves.  There were four games played overall; my Prussians against a Britannian fleet, a French force again some Russians, another French fleet taking on a Federated States of America force and a big game with my mate Rodders' Empire of the Blazing Sun fleet taking on Paul's bright red Brittanians.

The campaign structure gives players a choice between playing a specific mission or choosing a starter fleet battle - which is what my game was as neither I or my opponent had enough painted models to do a larger mission.  When we rolled for objectives, I was given the target of destroying at least 50% of my opponents points value and also to sink all medium sized models (his cruisers and bombers) whilst my opponent had to kill 50% and take out all my small vessels (my three units of frigates)  When I was deploying my forces, I left one unit of frigates at the back of the board and just kept them out of the way to force my opponent to chase them (the three frigates in the bottom left of the photo).  Luckily for me, he had deployed his cruisers and bombers close together - so I just had to clear a few of his frigates out of the way to allow my cruisers and battleship to close in on them.  This tactic paid off - although he took out all but one of my frigates, he hadn't managed to do over 50% damage to my fleet.  I destroyed his bombers, a unit of frigates and pounded his cruisers to pieces.  The last dice were thrown when my two bombers flew over his last two damaged cruisers and dropped bombs on them, wiping them out.  All he had left was his battleship and a unit of frigates.  So - a fairly convincing win for the Prussians!

My allies in the campaign didn't do as well unfortunately - Rodders and Paul knocked seven bells out of each other's fleets and came away with a draw whilst both French fleets were lost.  This gives the Grand Coalition 12 campaign points and the Imperial Bond just eight.  It's still all to play for!

Monday, February 11

Fleet Actions

I spent most of yesterday unboxing and cleaning up models for my Dystopian Wars Prussian Empire forces.  The Chelmsford Bunker DW campaign starts this Wednesday so there's no way I'll have these ready for use by then but it should mean I can get them ready for duty mid-way.

I've got a sizeable amount of work ahead of me as the model listing is as follows :

1 x Rhine Carrier
1 x Blucher Dreadnought
1 x Emperor Battleship
3 x Reiver Cruisers
6 x Arminius Frigates
3 x Hussar Gunships
5 x Saxony Corvettes
1 x Gewitterwolke Airship
2 x Konigsberg Battlecruisers
2 x Metzger Robot (waterlined)
1 x Metzger Robot (walking)
1 x A9-V Sturmpanzer
6 x A6-V Medium Tanks
3 x B3-S Medium Bombards
10 x Walze Small Tanks

The cleaning up process on these models is easy as there isn't too much flash to take off and it's easily done with a hobby knife.  The hardest job I had was fixing the weapon arms on the waterlined Metzger robots.  As you can see from the photo above, this model is a one-piece mould and the prongs on the weapon have resin underneath that needs cleaning off.  The prongs themselves are quite weak - one broke when I was trying to take the flash off.  I decided to just take them off completely, clean up underneath them, drill holes into the arm and make new prongs out of brass rod.  It was well worth the effort as the weapon prongs are much more durable now.  I also took the time to magnetise some of the Dreadnought turrets although I didn't bother doing the same with the Battleship this time.  I magnetised the centre turret on my current Battleship and I've not once changed out the turret for a generator or the UPG option - so there didn't seem much point for this new Battleship.

The last thing I did was to give everything a bath in some hot water and detergent.  This nicely takes off any mould release agent and means the undercoat will stick to these resin models.

I'll be cracking on with these models soon so watch for updates as I progress.