Sunday, October 17

They think it's all over!

Two days of non-stop Blood Bowl action and we have a winner!  Jim Slater won the tournament with his Wood Elf team "Thetford Forest Celtic".

In the end, we had 23 people sign up for the tournament so I needed to step in and be the spare player - so I got to play using my Human team (The Middenheim Mustangs).  The first day went as normal for me, with a loss against a fellow Human team, a win against a Skaven team and yet another loss to an outstandlingly coached Ogre team (damn snotlings!).  Today's games went slightly better with a draw again a Norse team, a win against some Dark Elves and lastly a win against Wood Elves.  So - three wins, one draw and two losses and 8th position out of 24 at the end of the day.

Organising an event like this takes a lot of planning but I'm really pleased that all the hard work paid off as I think everyone had a good time.  I definately want to run in again next year.

Here's a short video showing the guys taking part in the first game of the weekend :

Here's some pictures from the event to finish things off nicely :)

Luke Henderson - Wooden Spoon
Steve Chambers - Stunty Cup
Darren Lysenko - Best Painted
Shane Davey - Most Casualties
Paul Owen - Most Touchdowns
Paul Owen - Runner Up
Jim Slater - Winner

Friday, October 8

Bunker Bowl

The final preparations are being made to next weekend's Bunker Bowl tournament.  If you've been following this blog for a while, or even just looked through old posts, you'll see that the Chelmsford Bunker club has an annual Blood Bowl tournament call ed the Bunker Bowl.  In the past, these events were a one-day tournament for club member's only, however, this time it's different.  We've opened it up to being a public and it's now a two-day event.  It has also been accepted as being a NAF registered tournament - so any NAF coaches taking part will have their team stats updated on the NAF website.

This updated version of the Bunker Bowl is something that I and a number of the guys at the club have been working at for a while now; a good nine months or so.  It's always been a desire of mine to put on a NAF registered tournament at the club and I'm really pleased that it's finally going to happen.

I'm down for being the tournament referee and the spare player (in case there's ever an odd number of players and they need a spare player to stand in) but I'm hoping that I will get a chance to play as the likelihood of me being able to go to a two-day tournament somewhere else is mininal!  Anyway - I'll update the blog with the results of the tournament and will put up loads of pictures.