Tuesday, April 18

Howling Griffons Twitter Challenge

I was digging around in my piles of old hobby projects and discovered some old space marines kits from when I was building a Crimson Fists army.  I thought I might try building some again just for old times sake and mentioned it on Twitter.  One of my buddies ended up challenging me to paint a Howling Griffon marine - so I thought I'd give it a go just to see if I could still do it.  I found one marine that I'd undercoated white more than a decade ago, so I decided to paint him for the challenge.  It was kinda fun when I started painting the base colours but trying to get the layers built up was a total pain.  It reminded me why I stopped painting them in the first place!  Once it was done, I managed to find the old Howling Griffon decals I got from a store in the USA years ago - and then used MicroSol to apply it.  While I was at it, I also painted some extra details on some old Salamanders test marines that I can't remember when I painted.  At least they are finished now.

So - this is probably the only Howling Griffon marine I'll be painting for the foreseeable future.  Maybe in another decade perhaps!

Tuesday, April 11

Guild Ball - Masons Ready For Painting

I've been trying out using Masons with some of the guys from my club by borrowing their Kick Off! set minis.  The plastics in those sets are really nice and quite a lot larger in scale than the metal minis that I've had sitting in my hobby to-do pile.  I'm still not quite sure I get how they work tactically yet as I'm so used to playing my Butchers who were very much a point and click tactic. Even so, I'm keen to get using them properly and with my own minis as I've bought them all except for Granite.  I'll have to pick her up as some point soon I'm sure.

I've put these on transparent blue bases as I thought they might stand out nicely on the tabletop that way - although now I'm realising it's going to be a bugger to spray undercoat them without masking the base off!  I'll work it out somehow, I'm sure.  I've found it's far easier to paint Guild Ball minis as individuals as it's nearly impossible to batch paint them like I do with Blood Bowl teams - so I'll post up pics of these individually as I work thought them.