Friday, January 22

Lock, stock and...

I played my first game with this army earlier this week against Luke. Luke couldn't find his Orks so he used a Tau force with a couple of Devilfish with Tau Warrior units inside, some Battlesuits (HQ), Stealthsuits, three squads of Kroot and two Hammerheads. Surprisingly, I won the game fairly comfortably with my close combat scouts performing admirably - they fought off some Warriors, survived two units of Kroot shooting at them, helped my Terminators land on target, killed a unit of the Kroot and still held on to an objective.

So, with my faith in Scouts restored, I have finished painting my second unit of them, this time with them armed with shotguns. In future games I might try mixing these with the close combat scouts so they get more chance to kill before they assault.

Monday, January 18

Crimson Fists so far...

Here's a picture of the entire army as of today - just over 1500 points worth. There's lots more that needs painting though so I'm not going to get complacent!

Sunday, January 17

Twin fists of fury!

Here's the twin power fist Captain I mentioned in an earlier post. This model is based on the Gamesday 2008 model but I switched the thunder hammer for the fists, one of them being from the Crimson Fists assault pack. I know the only benefit to having twin power fists is getting one extra attack - but I had to do it :)

Saturday, January 16

El Capitán

Here's some pics of my new Captain. He's one of the great models from the Masters of the Chapter set although I used some bitz from the Crimson Fists Command pack to theme him. I'm really pleased with how he came out and I think the relic blade / storm shield combo should work well in the game too. I normally have a difficult time painting robes but I tried using Scorched Brown as a basecoat, Red Gore as a main layer and Blood Red as a highlight which worked a treat.

Tuesday, January 12

MkII 'Mars' Pattern

The second Rhino is now ready to roll - hopefully it will give my Tactical Squads some mobility. As you can see, it's been liberally plastered with some of the new vehicle icons that GW recently released which are really nice. I've got some of the other Fists bitz packs they sell and I'm going to be using those on the Command Squad which I've started building. I'm also going to be building a Captain or two to use so I'm working out weapons combos for them. I'm sure one of them will be sporting a pair of power fists - not a fantastic choice rules wise perhaps but if Marneus Calgar can do it, I'm sure a captain in the Crimson Fists can...

Sunday, January 10

Predator vs Aliens

With this Predator Annihilator, I've now got a 1500 point army ready for my first full game which will be up against Luke's Orks. I have no expectation of winning as I've only have two games of 40K since the 5th ed. rules came out (and even less games of 4th ed. under my belt!) but I'm pleased to have a painted army ready to use for it. At least when I lose, I can do it with a fully daubed force.

I'm not sure what I'm going to add to the Crimson Fists yet but I've got lots of options. Choices, choices...

Friday, January 8

Going by the book

My first HQ unit is painted - a librarian with a jump pack. You can't see it as it's obscured by the jump pack but he's sporting a sculpted fist shoulder pad. I mention that as that's one of the only parts of him painted in Crimson Fists chapter colours. As he is now, it's only his gauntlets that show he's not an Ultramarine...

I'm still toying with what psychic powers to give him for the first game - possibly Avenger and Force Dome as I'll probably use him in a defensive mode.

Thursday, January 7

Tactical shooters

The third Tactical Squad is ready for action. They suffered a slight delay as I managed to drop and stand on the sergeant who needed swift repair and repainting. He's up and running again now though; better, stronger, faster...

I've nearly enough models to start using this army in a 1500 point game but I still need a HQ option and some anti-armour capability. I've got a Librarian and a Predator on the way now - I just need to get them painted in a couple of weeks.

Friday, January 1

RH1-N-0 Tracked Exploration

My first painted model of 2010 is a Rhino to provide transport for one of the many units this army is going to contain. The only adaptation from standard is that I've added some icons from the new vehicle icon pack that GW are making.

I've already got another Tactical Squad on the paint station, already basecoated and waiting for some attention. Hopefully it won't be too long before they can ride around in this...