Monday, April 14

Salute 2014

Just a quick update to say that I went to Salute at the weekend.  It's always a good show and some of my club mates from the Chelmsford Bunker were there; some running a Warmachine demo table and others demoing Bushido for GCT studios.  I had pre-ordered an Ogre Blood Bowl team from Tritex Games so I collected those - but apart from that I had a very frugal show, buying nothing else except lunch and a Help For Heroes wristband!

I had a catch up with some of my old GCN buddies and Tim Eagling who was running a pirate table.  It's worth going to the show just to chat to your mates :)

Saturday, April 5

Dreadball Dynamos

I've been reading the Dreadball rulebook and watching "how to play" video on You Tube in preparation for Boot Camp this Wednesday.  From what I've learned so far, the Corporation team are pretty decent at playing the game - so I thought I'd best get main painted to give myself a chance.  These models are the team I got in the Dreadball box set along with Gabe, an MVP that I was given along with the box.