Wednesday, September 30

Nurgle Blood Bowl team for STABB Cup V

It's Blood Bowl tournament time again, this time it's the turn of STABB Cup V in St. Albans.  I went to this tournament for the first time last year with Norse so it's good to return after a solid year of playing non-stop Blood Bowl.

I'm currently painting a Goblin team for one of my club league's divisions and also to get them ready for a tournament at the end of October - so I opted to farm out the painting to my buddy Rid who is the guy behind Fanplastic Little Men.  Rid is a real speed painter and he gets projects done in a really quick time.  He had my Nurgle team back to me in under a week and his painting style really suits the Nurgle theme.  I think he did a great job on them - if you'd like him to paint your teams for you, have a look at his website here and contact him :  All I had to do was number them which I did using an acrylic paint marker pen.  They're all set for use at STABB now :)

The rules pack for STABB is quite cool.  There is a tiered amount of money to buy your team with based on how good each team is - for me, Nurgle is allowed 1,150,000 GC.  With that, you can but your team and also buy up to two extra skills at 20K for a normal skill and 30K for a doubles skill.  Once you have your team, you have to number six of the players who haven't been given skills already.  Then, during the games over the weekend, the organiser rolls a dice to see which numbered player is given a pre-chosen skill.  I'm not entirely confident that I will do with my roster but I guess I'll see how it goes on the day.   It is :

Beast of Nurgle + LEADER
4 x Nurgle Warriors (all will get BLOCK when selected) -
4 x Pestigors (one with SURE HANDS to start with, two others will get WRESTLE during the weekend(
3 x Rotters
1 x Reroll
1 x Fan Factor

I'm taking a risk by only buying one team reroll and giving Leader to the Beast to get the other reroll - two rerolls with Nurgle is scary.  On the plus side, I have all my decent players on the field with four ST4 Warriors and four Pestigors.

I'll update with the results after the weekend - until then, here's the team that Rid painted for me :)
Beast of Nurgle
Nurgle Warriors
Cads (well - more Rotters)
Nurgle team

Sunday, September 6

Start of a new Blood Bowl season

CBBBL VIII has started at the Chelmsford Bunker at last.  This is the Blood Bowl league that I have run at the club since I started it with a friend back in 2006.  We both loved playing Blood Bowl but wanted to get some more regular gaming going rather than just the odd stand alone game that was being played.  I downloaded and Excel spread sheet that could be used to manage the team point tracking and we started off with a pro division for people who had played it before and a rookie division for complete newbies.  To encourage people to join in, I bought several Blood Bowl sets and a load of Block dice so that all new coaches had to do was buy and paint a team and get playing.  The league ran for about four months and was very successful; by the end of it we had a lot of coaches who really knew the rules.  This led onto the next season only having one big division for everyone.

Since those days the league has developed to having a more formalised structure but with less formalised games.  As it's hard for people to make every meeting the rules were changed so that you could play a maximum of ten games against different coaches which you arrange yourself.  The only problem with this is that less experienced coaches have a rough time and then tend to drop out half way through.

So for this season, I have updated the league rules to have two divisions, Premier and Championship.  The Premier division has all the experienced Blood Bowl coaches using good teams whilst the Championship is comprised of less experienced coaches.  To bump up the numbers in the Championship, I am letting the experienced coaches take part but only allowing them to use stunty teams (Goblin, Halfling and Ogre).   I've also brought in a structured round robin format so there are no options for cherry picking the new coaches or weaker teams. I'll have to see how this works but I'm hopefully it will all go smoothly.

I am using an Undead team in the Premier division and a Goblin team in the Championship.  I've created a mini-blog page to keep track of their progress through the season. You can take a look at it here :