Thursday, January 24

Tentacles of Doom

As mentioned in my last post, I had planned a game of Firestorm Armada against my mate Dennis.  Dennis was using his Marauder fleet; a combination OmniDyne, Oroshan and a couple of ships from his huge Directorate fleet.  The big centrepiece model was the huge OmniDyne Foundry Class Dreadnought - which is just a massive slab of resin which looks fantastic.

I did manage to build my Medusa Class Dreadnought but I didn't get time to undercoat or paint it in time for the game.  Perhaps that's why it failed to hit anything when it was firing it's guns and torpedoes!  We'd been slightly too audacious and aimed to field a 1250 point fleet each on a 6ft x 4ft table; we struggled to fit all the ships on when deploying at the start of the game.  As it happened, we ran out of time at the club meeting before we had a chance to finish the game too.  At the start of the game, we had rolled for victory conditions; mine was just to kill the large and massive ships in Dennis' fleet (which for him was just the Dreadnought) and Den needed to kill at least half of my points total.  When we called it, I hadn't even scratched Den's Dreadnought and he'd sabotaged my Battleship, killed a Tsunami class Destroyer and taken out a squadron of Piranha Frigates.  A win for the Marauders I think...

We're due to play again next week although we're going to reduce the point size to 1000 and won't be fielding Dreadnoughts this time.  I might be bring out my so-far unused Manta Battle Carrier for that one.

One other thing I did at the club was pick up my order of Dystopian Wars toys from Tom Pugh who runs Cymbeline Games.  I got the two Dystopian campaign books, a Prussian Empire Armoured Battle Group and a Metzger Class Robot to with them, some waterlined Metzger robots for naval engagements, some Hussar Class Gunships, a big Gewitterwolke Class Airship (as I need a Zeppelin to make it a proper Prussian force) and a blister of the new Konigsberg Class Battlecruisers which have harpoons that help conduct electricity from other ships Tesla Coils.  I will be painting Dystopian Wars toys all year! 

Thursday, January 17

The year ahead is looking Spartan

I've been trying (and failing!) to get to the Bunker for the last couple of weeks as work has been taking precedent over hobby time.  I did manage to attend last night though and got in a full game using my Prussian Empire starter fleet against my mate Darren Lysenko who had borrowed a Federated States of America fleet.  Darren has ordered a French starter fleet for himself but we had arranged the game to give him and intro to it and for me to get in some practice on what is still a new game system to me.  We had great fun and the Prussians were victorious - which was nice.

The Bunker is seeing a huge amount of interest in Dystopian Wars at the moment.  Quite a number of the old hand already had Dystopian fleets but pretty much everyone is now joining in.  I already have my starter fleet but I've already got a lot of extra models and have ordered even more including an armoured battle group so we can get some land based games in too.  As well as the models, I've ordered the Hurricane Season campaign guide book and the Storm of Steel book which give additional campaign rules and details on the non-core fleets that are now available (such as the Covenant of Antarctica, French and Russians)  In February  the Bunker is going to be running a Dystopian Wars campaign to allow everyone to play and give a theme to it all.  I'm looking forward to it but I will need to get cracking on my unpainted toys!

For the next couple of meetings, I've scheduled some Firestorm Armada games against Dennis, a friend who has one of the largest FA fleets I've ever heard of.  He has at least 10,000 points - which is both mad and fantastic simultaneously!  I have suggested that we try a largish game (for me that is) including dreadnoughts. The only drawback is that my Aquan Medusa Class Dreadnought is still in the blister pack so I will need to pull my finger out and get it painted this weekend if I'm to use it on Wednesday next week.  It's an impressive beast, that's for sure - and I've no idea at all how I'm going to paint it yet.  I will see if I can get a silver spray can to save some time...