Thursday, December 31

Be prepared

I managed to sneak in these Scouts into the 2009 painting tally as I've been on holiday. Having a few extra days off between Christmas and New Year has been very relaxing and I've had a chance to put some extra hobby time in. These are the old 3rd ed. metal scouts which I have a lot of - mainly as I've had some given to me by friends to bulk out the scouts I already had.

I wanted to put some Fist icons on their shoulder pads but knew the standard decal would never fit the smaller pads - so rather than botch an attempt at hand painting them, I opted to trim the fist decals so that only the fist itself was left. I also trimmed some of the red double-ended tactical arrows so that it was just a single arrow and used those for the scouts which seemed to fit well. I'll follow these through with all the other scouts I need to paint.

I had a delivery from Dark Sphere today (who used to be Miniatures By Post) so I've now got a Razorback to use as a vehicle for my upcoming Command Squad and three Scout Bikers so I can give them a try.

These Crimson Fists are going to be my main focus for 2010 - I really want to get most of the models painted and get some proper gaming in. Later on in the year, I will try to get back to painting my Tomb Kings and, if I get a chance, I'll start my WWI French army for Great War.

So - I'll leave my last post of 2009 with the pics of the Scouts I finished today. Here's to 2010 being as productive as 2009 was!

Sunday, December 27

The tactical approach...

With end of 2009 on the horizon, it was time to paint the last models of the year. This Tactical Squad for my Crimson Fists army marks 200 models painted over the year, something I'm really pleased about as it's more than I've ever managed before.

You'll probably notice that the sergeant is the Gamesday 2005 Captain. As he was toting a power fist, I couldn't think of a better army to put him in. The plasmagun marine is made from one of the metal bike squad members, glued to some plastic legs and the join hidden by a tabbard. All other marines are standard plastics.

The next unit I'm going to work on is some Scouts. I have three units of them ready for painting - a sniper squad, a shotgun squad and a close combat squad. I'm spoilt for choice on which to pick!

Monday, December 14

Better late than never...

Gamesday, as usual, drained all my hobby enthusiasum for quite a while and when I got it back, work managed to get in the way. I had a lot of overtime offered to me as part of a project and, with times being what they are, I grabbed it with both hands! It meant little time left for family, let alone hobby projects, but it's over now and things are getting back to normal at last.

So - with a chance at some painting, I thought I'd finish off that Black Reach dreadnought that's been on my paint station for months. I wanted to give him extra options as well as the multi-melta and close-combat weapon so I found some spare dreadnought weapons to give to him (the twin-linked autocannon is a Forge World resin piece whilst the others are plastics.) One problem was that the arm sockets on the BR dread is smaller than the sockets on a standard plastic dreadnought so the arms just fall off. Thankfully, I had some spare magnets to hand so I used those to attach the arms, making it a breeze to switch weapons whenever I want something else.
While I was waiting for the paint to dry on him, I got on with a small side-project for a campaign my club is going to run. One of the guys has a huge Dark Angels army so I decided to paint up a Cypher model for him to use as an objective.

I think I'll get another Crimson Fists tactical squad painted next. If I get the ten of those done, I can make my target of 200 models painted in a year!