Monday, April 29

USS Jellico - Burke-Class Frigate

The first painted ship is completed - a small frigate but one of my favourite miniatures in the Federation range.  I painted this so I could get to grips with the process for painting the panel lines and working out which colours to use.  I also applied some decals from the Federation sheet sold by Mongoose Publishing.  The decals were particularly tricky to apply, even though there are only six on the whole model.  They are just so small and fiddly!  I still need to varnish and matt coat the model but I should get that done soon - I have ordered some Testors Dullcote spray which I have used before and had good results with.

Anyway - here's the USS Jellico.

Friday, April 26

Federation Shipyards

As you can see from the picture below, I've been busy and I've built all the Federation ships in my A Call To Arms: Star Fleet force - apart from the Mars Class Battleship which I'm still waiting to be restocked and delivered.

Next step is to undercoat them all white and crack on with painting them all.  I'm going to try to paint them in a factory-line process to speed things up although I'll probably paint a test model completely just to work out how I'm going to do the panelling on the saucer sections.


I've undercoated all the models now - they look a lot more like Federation ships now they are white!

Saturday, April 20

The Enterprise Indident

So - time to post up the pictures of my Romulan Star Empire models from the fleet box set.  Where they have them, I've taken pictures of the underside of the ships to show off the etched bird of prey outlines.

Romulan Fleet Box
Snipe Battle Frigates
Battle Hawks
SkyHawk Destroyers
War Eagle Cruisers
King Eagle Cruiser
King Eagle Cruiser underside
KF5R Destroyer (same model as Klingon D5 Frigate)
KR Heavy Cruiser (same model as Klingon D6 Heavy Cruiser)
FireHawk Heavy Cruiser
FireHawk Heavy Cruiser underside
FastHawk Heavy Cruiser
FastHawk Heavy Cruiser underside
SparrowHawk Light Cruiser
SparrowHawk Light Cruiser underside
Condor Dreadnought
Condor Dreadnought underside
So - there we have it.  Some very nice models with some very nicely etched bird of prey markings underneath.  The only issues I saw was that the wings of the ships do get a little bent when they were in the box, especially since they were posted.  Nothing a bit of gentle tweaking won't sort out, I'm sure.  The resin Condor looks pretty clean - not a miscast in sight.

Day of the Dove

It's been a while since I posted on here. Last time I did, I'd just won the first of my Dystopian Wars campaign games - unfortunately it was also the last game I played.  Work got busy and I just had no chance to get to the club on meeting nights - and by the time things calmed down, the campaign was over.  These things happen - but there will be another campaign later this year, I'm sure.

After missing the Dystopian Wars campaign, I must admit that I had no motivation to get the rest of my Prussian toys painted - so rather than struggle to get involved with painting stuff I wouldn't be using for a while, I thought I'd dig out an old project and see if I could learn and play a different game.  I've dug out my A Call To Arms: Star Fleet models and started building the Federation ships so I start getting them painted soon.

While I was at it, I've also had a proper look at the Klingon and Romulan fleet boxes that I got around the same time as the Federation box.  I've taken some pictures to show them off as they really are very nice toys indeed...

Klingon Fleet box set

Shuttles - these are identical models for every faction
E4 Light Frigates
F5 Frigates
D5 War Cruiser
D5W New Heavy Cruiser
D6 Heavy Cruiser
D7 Battlecruiser
C7 Heavy Battlecruiser
FD7 Fast Cruiser
C8 Dreadnought
 The Klingon ships are really, really nice.  The only issues with the castings that I could see is that one of the F5 Frigates had a miscast engine which I'll speak to Mongoose Publishing about - and the resin C8 Dreadnought has a large bubble blister underneath the command section bulb (nothing some green stuff can't fix).  Onto the Romulans then...