Sunday, November 21

Slight diversion

A slight diversion from the Empire army planning here - this is a resin "Vanessa" model from Rolljordan which I've painted to donate to the TalkFantasyFootball legacy team for 2010.  I've submitted her to be the model representing the star player "Zara the Slayer".  The team colours are blue and orange but I added some white into the mix to act as a spot colour.


Sunday, October 17

They think it's all over!

Two days of non-stop Blood Bowl action and we have a winner!  Jim Slater won the tournament with his Wood Elf team "Thetford Forest Celtic".

In the end, we had 23 people sign up for the tournament so I needed to step in and be the spare player - so I got to play using my Human team (The Middenheim Mustangs).  The first day went as normal for me, with a loss against a fellow Human team, a win against a Skaven team and yet another loss to an outstandlingly coached Ogre team (damn snotlings!).  Today's games went slightly better with a draw again a Norse team, a win against some Dark Elves and lastly a win against Wood Elves.  So - three wins, one draw and two losses and 8th position out of 24 at the end of the day.

Organising an event like this takes a lot of planning but I'm really pleased that all the hard work paid off as I think everyone had a good time.  I definately want to run in again next year.

Here's a short video showing the guys taking part in the first game of the weekend :

Here's some pictures from the event to finish things off nicely :)

Luke Henderson - Wooden Spoon
Steve Chambers - Stunty Cup
Darren Lysenko - Best Painted
Shane Davey - Most Casualties
Paul Owen - Most Touchdowns
Paul Owen - Runner Up
Jim Slater - Winner

Friday, October 8

Bunker Bowl

The final preparations are being made to next weekend's Bunker Bowl tournament.  If you've been following this blog for a while, or even just looked through old posts, you'll see that the Chelmsford Bunker club has an annual Blood Bowl tournament call ed the Bunker Bowl.  In the past, these events were a one-day tournament for club member's only, however, this time it's different.  We've opened it up to being a public and it's now a two-day event.  It has also been accepted as being a NAF registered tournament - so any NAF coaches taking part will have their team stats updated on the NAF website.

This updated version of the Bunker Bowl is something that I and a number of the guys at the club have been working at for a while now; a good nine months or so.  It's always been a desire of mine to put on a NAF registered tournament at the club and I'm really pleased that it's finally going to happen.

I'm down for being the tournament referee and the spare player (in case there's ever an odd number of players and they need a spare player to stand in) but I'm hoping that I will get a chance to play as the likelihood of me being able to go to a two-day tournament somewhere else is mininal!  Anyway - I'll update the blog with the results of the tournament and will put up loads of pictures.

Saturday, August 21

Skaven, Supers and Sheriffs

Well - that didn't go very well.  I did paint one Mordheim nightrunner but just couldn't get into the mood to finish the rest of them.  I have got a batch of Pulp Figures "rocketeer" models ready for priming but in the meantime I've painted a couple more Superfigs models.

While I was taking some pictures, I thought I'd take some photos of my Legends of the Old West lawmen posse which I rediscovered the other day.  I can't remember ever using them in a game so they deserve a bit of attention...

Monday, August 9


Well - I've not been painting very much at all since May which seems a very long time ago indeed.  I have taken part in another 40K tournament recently though - 4Tk gaming store in Colchester put on a "Clash of Generals" event where seven of us from the Chelmsford Bunker took part.  1500 points of Crimson Fists marched to battle fighting three games over the day.  It wasn't my best result - I came dead last!  All three games saw my brave Sons of Dorn crushed mercilessly underfoot by a Deamon army, some Salamanders and some Tyranids which starred the dreaded Doom of Malan'tai.  That 90 point monstrosity butchered half my army on his own...  The only bright spark of the event was spending the day with my gaming buddies - and picking up another "Best Painted Army" award which was pretty cool.

As I've been out of the hobby for a while, I thought I'd ease myself back in gently by painting something different - so I've started on the Skaven Mordheim warband that's been sitting in my "to paint" pile for the last few years.  There's only 13 models so it shouldn't be too taxing.  I'll post pics once I've taken them...

Sunday, June 6

Essex Eagle - 6th June 2010

As mentioned in the previous post, I helped put on the 40K table for the Chelmsford Bunker at today's Essex Eagle event. Hylands House is a wonderful estate and has a colourful history - it was the headquarters for the SAS during WWII. On one occasion, Captain Paddy Blair Maine (who went on to become this country's most decorated soldier) attempted to drive a Jeep up the Grand Staircase for a bet. The incident caused much commotion and the owner of the house dispatched the men to bed with instructions to remove the Jeep in the morning when they had clearer heads. The Jeep had to be dismantled before it could be removed.

There were a lot of extremely nice tables there but I forgot to take my camcorder with me when I went on a tour of them. I have, however, uploaded a couple of videos of our game to show how we got on.

Friday, June 4

Essex Eagle

Just a quick update - no nice pictures to go with it unfortunately this time though :(

Since the last post, I've played a couple more games with the Crimson Fists, both 2000 points in size. The first was against Tom Pugh who has a very nicely painted Untramarines successor army. Everything seemed to go wrong for me in this game as I just couldn't do anything effective the whole game. The only satisfying part was when my Terminator Librarian moved within 6in of a fleeing unit to force them off the table edge whilst casting a cheeky Avenger psychic power at a nearby combat squad, killing them all. The game ended up as a draw as we managed to kill each other's troops units and we were playing an objectives game. Good fun though.

The second game was against Dennis Symeou's Khorne deamon army. Having played against daemon armies before, I set up my army a a very defensive castle formation so that he'd be forced to run into my bolter range. The only units I didn't set up in formation were a couple of spare Rhinos that I left in the middle of the board (to mess up his deep striking units) and a unit of shotgun Scouts who camped out on the 2nd objective (the first buried deep within my ranks of marines at base!) Dennis' first unit on the table landed on some of my marines and the deep strike mishap chart allowed me to place them at the opposite end of the board. Not a bad start! Soon after though, he got a unit of Juggernauts, a Bloodthirster and a winged Daemon Prince set down safely. I tried tank-shocking his Prince with one of my Rhinos for the hell of it and, as he was a Khorne daemon, it seemed only right to Dennis that he stood his ground and tried to smash the tank. He did hit it - but only enough to disable it's storm bolter! The tank rolled over him and crushed him utterly. My further attempts at tank shocking his units met with some surprisingly agile daemons leaping out of the path of the vehicle approching! As the game went on, my defensive approach worked well in thinning out the numbers of daemons, eventually leaving him with a few half units of Bloodletters. I left it too late to get within range of contesting the objective the Scouts had been holding (A Bloodthirster had snacked on them in an earlier turn) so it ended up as a draw. Still good fun though.

The last update is that the Bunker is putting on a couple of games at this weekend's "Essex Eagle" event at Hylands House in Chemsford. The event has been organised by the Southend Wargames Club and features a lot of historical wargames from various local clubs, a bunch of wargame traders and some re-enactment groups. We're putting on a WWII Rapid Fire table showing the Invasion of Crete and a 40K table where people can have a go at something slightly less serious. I'll be digging out my Howling Griffons for that one so I'll try to takes some pictures - and maybe even a video or two! The link to the site of the event is here:

Saturday, May 8

By your command

After last week's outing to the 4TK tournament, I've been busy painting some models that have been on the paint station for a while. When I started building those Captains back in January, I also constructed a Command Squad to keep them company and it was those that I have been working on over the last few days. I'm fairly pleased with how the standard came out - I've not tried painting freehand before so I was a little anxious that I'd mess it up. I've opted for two plasmaguns in the squad purely because the "Feel No Pain" from the Apothecary should give them a 2nd chance at staying alive.

Saturday, May 1

4TK Inter-Club Tournament

4TK games store in Colchester put on an Inter-Club tournament today for four different teams, two from Ipswitch, one from Colchester plus the Chelmsford Bunker. Rich, Steve and I went on behalf of the Bunker and, as we were a man down on the day, a spare man was found to give us a full team of four. Here's Rich and Steve outside the store!

4TK is an independant store and they stock lots of different gaming models and hobby equipment, all at a discount. They also have a load of gaming tables covered in very well painted scenery so it was a pleasure to take part. The tables all have built in shelves so you can store your undeployed models and rulebooks under the table which is a great idea.
I obviously used my Crimson Fists with a balanced list as follows:

Librarian in Terminator Armour + Storm Shield with Might of the Ancients and The Avenger
5 x Terminators with a Heavy Flamer
10 x Tactical Marines with Plasmagun, Missile Launcher and Rhino with Power Fist and Storm Bolter Sergeant
10 x Tactical Marines with Meltagun, Missile Launcher and Rhino with Power Fist and Bolter Sergeant
8 x Scouts - 4 with Shotguns, three with Bolt Pistols and Close Combat Weapons plus a Power Fist Sergeant with Teleport Homer
1 x Dreadnought with twin-linked Autocannon, Dreadnought Close Combat Weapon and Storm Bolter
1 x Predator with Autocannon, Heavy Bolter Sponsons and Extra Armour

We were due to play three games each, one game against our opposite number in each of the other three teams. In my first game I was match up against a Ravenwing player - something I'd never faced against before. The game went okay but we both destroyed each others Troop choices so we had no chance of claiming objectives. It was a draw but he won a moral victory though as he killed my Librarian with his HQ unit - Sammael! Game two saw me face up against another army I've never played against, this time a Deamon army. This army was later awarded the Beardiest Army award - mainly as it featured a winged daemon prince, the Soulgrinder plus every flavour of daemon going. He started the game by leaving his entire army in reserve and deep-striked them onto the table in turn 2. They were on me before I knew it and it didn't take him long to mince my army up into little pieces. At total massacre to him. After a very pleasant lunch in the pub opposite the store, we returned for game three - this time for me to face another Daemon army! Again it featured all flavours of daemons but was led by Kurgath the Plaguefather - an unholy terror with five attacks that wound on 2+ and ignores armour saves. I put up a better fight on this game but it still ended the same as game two - total massacre for my opponent!

So - three hard games, two of which were total whitewashes! I still had fun and met a lot of nice guys so I'm sure we'll be heading back to 4TK before long. I did get something out of the day though as I was awarded the Best Painted certificate which I was quite chuffed about! Steve also was awarded a certificate although his was for Most Sporting Opponent. It was an excellent day out and I'm looking forward to getting more games in with this army so I can do better next time. I've only played one game of 5th ed. 40K before this tournament so I can hardly complain for not doing so well!

Friday, April 30

Psykana Librarius

The Librarian in terminator armour is ready for battle - which is handy as I'm going to use him in a tournament tomorrow! As you can see, I converted him to be holding a storm shield - that's so he gets a 3+ invulnerable save for the loss of no attacks in close combat plus he can still "shoot" with his psychic powers. I'm planning to deep strike him into battle leading my Terminator Squad when he can then unleash his Avenger flamer template on nearby targets. I'll let you know how it goes!

Tuesday, April 20

Predator II

Here's another tank for the Crimson Fists - this time a Predator Destructor. This model was originally built for a Dark Angels army I was building but I removed all the DA iconography so I could re-use it for this army. The bullet holes in the front armour plate of the Predator were to help hide some of the scarring to the hull where I had to use clippers to remove the old icons! I also had to do some emergency surgery on it when I was painting it as the left weapon sponson glued itself completely immobile. I cut off the top weapon sight and cut the sponson mount so I could drill a hole though the plug and use brass rod to recreate the spindle. It seems to have worked a treat as the heavy bolter still turns and you can barely see where I fixed it.

I'm going to take this army to a small tournament on the 1st May - at 4TK which is a independant reseller and gaming club based in Colchester. I've been meaning to go along to the store for ages but never had the chance. Hopefully I'll get to do that more after the tourney. In the list I've written for the 1200 point force (purposefully small as we're playing on 4ft x 4ft tables) I need a Terminator Librarian to lead my Terminator Squad. I'll be building and painting him over the next week or so.

Friday, April 16

Wings of faith

I know two blog updates in a week is unusual but the Chaplain below didn't take that much time to paint. Having mostly black armour makes him even faster to paint than the normal blue Crimson Fists - I can see why people opt to paint Black Templars as you get them done in no time! The only concern I had with this model was that I was unsure whether to give him two red gauntlets the way I have with all the veteran sergeants and characters in the rest of the army. I thought a red gauntlet on the right hand might clash with the grip of his crozius arcanum so, in the end, I decided to leave it black and just paint his left fist red.

At least I now have a suitable character to lead my Assault Squad into combat. Chaplains excel when added to a close combat unit thanks to them allowing the entire squad to reroll any failed "to hit" rolls. It was one of my favourite units in my Howling Griffons army so I had so make another for this Crimson Fists force.

Tuesday, April 13

For the high jump...

I finally got back into the swing of things by finishing these Assault Marines that have been on my paint station since January. I opted to break from tradition and give the sergeant a thunder hammer instead of the habitual power fists that are liberally dotted around this army - mainly as I wanted to try something different for once. I also chose to give a pair of flamers to the squad instead of plasma pistols as the number of wounds caused by flamers outweighs the instant kill option the pistols afford. I have found those instant kills tend to be the marines holding them.

Next up is probably going to be a Chaplain to lead them...