Sunday, June 26

Blood Bowl High Elves

My Blood Bowl High Elves are now completed and ready for action.  I may get time to have a couple of warm-up games before the Twisted Cup in July which will be their first time in the field.  These are the standard 3rd Edition minis - apart from the 2nd ed. Edril Sidewinder and cheerleaders plus Dolfar Longstride who is from Star Player Miniatures.

Anyway - here's the team.

Prince Moranion
Edril Sidewinder
Dolfar Longstride
Team Photo

Thursday, June 16

New Blood Bowl Pitch by Deep Cut Studios

I had a league Blood Bowl match last night and it was a great chance to try out a new design of mouse mat style Blood Bowl pitch that Deep Cut Studios are making.

Deep Cut Studios had made a post on the Blood Bowl Community page on Facebook asking for people to write in and ask to test their new design of pitch - they wanted to send some out for free so that they could be reviewed.  I was lucky enough to be one of the people that spotted it first!  Last week, a parcel from Lithuania arrived and I had this lovely pitch to try out.

I have given some feed back on it already before this game as there were a few things I felt needed improvement.  The orientation of the turn and reroll markers makes the pitch more suited to using the pitch sideways - and the scatter templates are a different orientation to the turn/reroll markings which is a little strange.  There isn't a score marker at all which isn't a terrible problem unless you're using Wood Elves.  Slightly more of a concern are the markings in the pitch which separate the parts of the pitch - as they increase the distance between the squares.  This means that anyone using a throwing template over one of these will not be throwing as far as they should.  Not show stoppers though.

I wanted to try the pitch in action though just to see how it worked when playing.  I was very impressed.  As it's a mouse mat material, I had to place it sideways on the table as that's the only way I could fit it on using the tables at my gaming club.  Normally the GW pitches are used and they are used end-to-end with a slight overhang.  My opponent and I found this no problem as we are used to playing sideways as we both play on FUMBBL.  The real benefit to this material is that the pitch does not slip or move.  You can't accidentally catch it and move the models.  Even if you jogged the table, the surface of the mat is quite grippy so the minis won't move around.  What we also found was that it was quite nice rolling dice on the mat.  It's slightly bouncy and the dice roll better on it than on the old cardboard pitches.  It even smelled nice too!

So - a total win for the Deep Cut Studios pitch and, as it happened, for my Undead team.  Bonus!

Last year I got one of the FF-Field pitches - which is wonderful but wasn't cheap. These Deep Cup pitches are just as nice but they are far cheaper - about £24 total including postage (the pitch on it's own is only £14).  Definitely worth the cost for sure.

Hobby Time

It's been a while since I have done anything hobby related.  Not since Christmas in fact.  I think doing so much painting of Blood Bowl teams ready for tournaments just wiped out my hobby energy.  I had been painting some High Elves which I had intended to take to Boudica Bowl back in February but I didn't get them finished - so I'm now aiming to use them at the Twisted Cup one-day tournament in July.

I have been playing a few league games of Blood Bowl here and there with my Undead and Goblins and I've also played a game of Judge Dredd.  I have decided to try to use some of the Guild Ball teams I bought last year and I also wanted to try my hand a Malifaux as there's a decent amount of people playing it at my club.  I'm really looking for some game systems that I can play whenever the Blood Bowl league has finished!

For Malifaux, I have opted to collect the Guild.  This is partly because I like the undead / cowboy look to them and they seem to have the least amount of weird stuff - so it should be easier for me to get to grips with the game.  I started with Guild's Judgement box set as I like the look of the Death Marshalls who carry coffins around with them :)  When it came to building them, I was really glad that I had bought myself some tweezers as the minis are really fiddly to construct.  The Death Marshalls were especially mad - two of them are leaping off the coffins are are only connected by a hand or the sole of a boot.  I'll have to see how I get on with the game before I get any more minis in this range.

For Guild Ball, I bought into the game when it was released.  I bought the Butchers team from Mat Hart himself at Salute last year and picked up Masons and Brewers shortly after that.  I played a demo game at the time and I just didn't do anything else with them as I was playing so much Blood Bowl.  At the Bunker club there has been a Guild Ball league playing and I felt I was missing out a bit - so I dug out the minis and built the Butchers team so I can get some games in even if I have missed out on the league. 

On top of this, I've started painting the GW High Elves again so hopefully I'll get those ready for the tournament in time.