Wednesday, February 17

Bunker Bowl V

Bunker Bowl V is fast approaching - the Blood Bowl tournament that I run for the Chelmsford Bunker.  I'm holding at the same venue as last year - 4Tk Gaming's store in Colchester.  I'll be acting as spare player but, as I'm the referee and running it, I am hoping that I won't be needed to play.

It's going well so far I think.  I have the trophies, dice and prizes arranged and I have even remembered to buy a wooden spoon.  We have 32 people signed up so far so it's already the biggest tournament I've run.  Hopefully some more will sign up before long.

Monday, February 8

Boudica Bowl results

I decided to dig out my Lizardman team for Boudica Bowl this weekend.  I have only used them once before at one of the Cam Dub tournaments and I thought that with six ST4 sauruses and the ST5 kroxigor I may be able to do some damage while my skinks racked up the touchdowns.  Unfortunately, this proved not to be the case!  Here's the roster I took though :

Kroxigor (Guard on day 2)
6 x Sauruses (5 x Block on day 1, 1 x block on day 2)
5 x Skinks
3 x Rerolls

My first game was against my friend Jim using Pro Elves.  I've played Jim a lot of times and only managed to beat him once so I knew I was in for a tough game.  Jim also said that the last time he used his Pro Elves he won all six of his games.  Eek...  Things started of well enough but all my blocks failed to hurt his players - and on his return first turn he knocked over my kroxigor and managed to blitz my ball carrying skink - and the loose ball was caught by the only saurus without Block.  I had a chance to try to push one of his blitzers off the field after surrounding him - but I had to hit him with the saurus holding the ball.  I rolled a skull and a both down result - which I rerolled and got the same again which meant the saurus fell over and the ball bounced clear.  It wasn't long before Jim had recovered it and ran off to score.  The rest of the game went a similar way although I did manage to stop Jim scoring a 2nd time.  I lost 1-0 and can't remember the amount of casualties but it was low on both sides.

Game two and I was facing Goblins with Fungus the Loon and a bomber with Hail Mary Pass.  I can't remember the details of this game too much but it ended 2-2 and a 4-3 casualty count for me.  Not impressive really.

Game three and I was on the bottom table playing against Necromantic.  My opponent had had a rough time and hadn't had the best of luck so far - but his armour and injury rolls were impressive against me.  At 1-1 I managed to get a skink halfway up the field and had to rely on my opponent not being about to knock him over if I wanted to win.  He blitzed him with wight and managed to roll double skulls.  So - I got a 2-1 win over them.

For the 2nd day I was facing against Chaos Pact and this was the only game of the weekend that I think I was in control.  I managed to knock out and hurt a few of his players - but the key thing was when I worked out a way of chain-pushing his prone dark elf off the field and the crowd obligingly killed him.  I stalled out to avoid giving him a chance to get a knocked out goblin back on and won the game 2-0.

Game five and I was facing Dark Elves.  I thought I had managed to do enough to win this one at 2-1 but he did some elfy bullshit to make it a 2-2 draw.  The disappointing thing on this game was that I didn't managed to even knock out an elf - while my opponent not only injured a saurus but actually called out the numbers before he rolled them.  "This is going to be a 10 for armour break"  Rolls double five.  "This is going to be an 11!"  Rolls a five and a six.  Argh.

For the final game I was playing against a different Necromantic team and I just had no luck at all this game.  Against I didn't cause very many casualties which mean that at half time and 1-1 I was fielding eight players to his eleven.  I nearly stopped him from scoring again - he had a ghoul with the ball right against the sidelines one step from the end-zone and I managed to get my kroxigor to stand next to him.  He had to roll a five to dodge into the end-zone and of course did it.

So - I ended the weekend with a 2/2/2 result which sounds okay but I was disappointed with.  The Lizardmen had more casualties scored against them than they caused and I finished mid-table.

Next up for me is my own Blood Bowl tournament - Bunker Bowl which is on the 12th and 13th March.  No pressure for gaming there as hopefully I won't be needed to play as I'm the spare player!

Thursday, February 4

Boudica Bowl IV - first tournament of 2016

I started painting a High Elf team in early January with the plan of taking them to Boudica Bowl IV which is this weekend.  Unfortunately I haven't had time to complete them though so, for the first time in a couple of years, I'll be taking a team that I've used before.  My plan to try to complete the 24 will have to be delayed a little more...

My problem now is deciding which team to take!  Boudica Bowl's ruleset tends to give an advantage to Tier 1 teams that are bash heavy so I think I'm looking at either Undead, Dwarfs or Lizardmen.  I have used Dwarfs at a Boudica Bowl before though - so I'm going to ignore them and take either Undead or Lizardmen.  I am still playing around with rosters and skills sets for both so I'll have to post up what I take after the event itself.

I'll post an update with the results after the weekend.