Test model - Veteran Sister Superior

I've been thinking about making a Sisters of Battle army for a number of years now and I've got enough models to make a decent army - the only thing that's been holding me back is that I just couldn't decide what colour to paint them! Out of the six main Orders, none of them really made me want to paint them so the models have sat waiting for me to find inspiration.

After recently re-reading the Witch Hunters codex for the upteenth time, I decided to dig out the Sisters of Battle models and take stock of what I had. One thing I realised is that I had a fair number of one particular veteran sister - so I threw caution to the wind, got it based and undercoated and tried painting a test scheme. This test scheme is copied from the cover of the Witch Hunters codex.

I do like the way this model came out - but it took me quite a long while to paint it. I suspect that I'm lacking the dedication to paint an entire army this way. So - I'm going to try painting another model in the black armour and red robes of the Order of our Martyred Lady to see how long that takes me. If it's much faster than it took me to paint this model, I may well go for that scheme.