Sunday, November 9

Blood Bowl Orcs

It's been quite a while since Gamesday and a bit longer than that since I've painted anything. I think the rush of having to paint models for that day plus having to go over to the U.S. for a while kinda knocked the wind out of my creative muse. Thankfully, the Chelmsford Bunker club is starting to get into Blood Bowl mood which has got me interested in painting again.

These models are the plastic Orc team from the 3rd edition Blood Bowl set which the club bought to keep on site in case anyone turned up and wanted a game. I volunteered to paint both the team - these Orcs are the first I've gotten around to finishing though! They're painted in blue and yellow (the club's colours) and are the first orc models I've ever painted. I feel like I've broken though some kind of barrier! I've been a wargamer and hobbist for such a long time and have never had the slightest inkling to collect orcs of any kind. Now I've painted these, I would like to have a go at getting my own Orc team painted up for use in our league or maybe for the Blood Bowl Grand Tournament. Anyway - here's the models...