Sunday, April 26

Liche Priest and Warriors

I've been busy painting more Tomb Kings models and have completed my first Hero model - a mounted Liche Priest. I've also been toiling away on a second big unit of twenty-five Warriors armed with hand weapons and shields. I've painted an extra five of them so I could bump up the first unit to twenty-five as well. In total, I've painted fifty-two of them, the two spare models being for when I don't want to field the musicians.

I might take a short break from painting Tomb Kings as I promised I'd paint a Blood Bowl team so that I can loan it to someone going to the Blood Bowl GT at the end of May. I can't go myself this year unfortunately but at least I can play vicariously though somone else borrowing a team of mine! I'm keen to get back to work on the Tomb Kings though as I've really been enjoying painting them. There's still lots more to come - two Tomb Kings, two more Liche Priests, another unit of ten bowmen, another three chariots and twenty-four horsemen are all on the cards...