Flight of the Migs

Sometime last year, I bought some 1/600 scale aircraft as I'd spotted some air combat rules in Wargames Illustrated and wanted to give them a go. I bought a few different US and North Vietnamese planes and decals from Dom's Decals - the planes were made by Tumbling Dice but buying them from Dom's Decals meant I could see pictures of them. Anyway, as is normal for me, I received the models through the post, put them in a drawer and then forgot about them completely...

Yesterday though, I found them when I was hunting for something else - and I thought I'd best get some painted! The decals were fiddy but they didn't take too long to fit after I got into the swing of it. Micro Sol really helps to make them adhere to the surface.

I'm quite please with how they came out and I hope to get around to painting the other models at some point - I've got some Mig 21's, F105's and F4's still to paint.