Wednesday, July 15

The Mighty Zug

I've been slack in painting recently as I bought the new Blood Bowl PC game. I managed to get in on the beta test earlier this year which was great even though it was only restricted to humans and orcs. I had baulked at paying £40 for the download version though and had intended to wait until September for when the retail version comes out in the UK. Too many of my gaming buddies have bought it though and I felt I was missing out so I caved in and paid the cash for the download. The game only has eight teams available (humans, orcs, dwarfs, wood elves, goblins, chaos, lizardmen and skaven) but it is outrageously good. Hence the lack of painting...

Over the last couple of days though, I've managed to prise myself away from the computer and started daubing some of the star player models I have got ready for the Middenheimer team. First up is an old model that has just recently been replaced with a new design - The Mighty Zug. I've still got Griff, Zara and Morg plus a coach to paint for the team.