Sunday Bloody Sunday

On Sunday the Bunker held the 3rd or 4th (depending on how you look at it) Bunker Bowl event at the club. This is the now traditional one-day Blood Bowl tournament open only to club members.

There's been a lot of Blood Bowl played at the club this year and a lot of the existing coaches are soon going to the 40K campaign weekend at Warhammer World so a number of them opted to spend the day painting rather than playing. As such, we had only eight coaches fighting for glory in the tournament this year - enough still for a decent game though! I had been persuaded to field my Halfling team (the Bluebay Crammers) whilst Paul had opted to borrow Sherwin's Goblin team for the day - so we were each hoping to win the "Stunty Cup"!

Tom Pugh fielding his new and nicely painted Lizardman team and we had a new joiner Darren Lysenko join in. Darren came to the club looking for some assistantance with getting up to speed with the game as he's not played for 10 years and, rather bravely, has bought a ticket for the Blood Bowl GT on 1st May!

As soon as everyone arrived (a harder task than normal thanks to the clocks going forward!) the gaming got underway. The Crammers were up against Erik Cooper's Necromantic team, the Drakenhoff Ravens. Erik won the first Bunker Bowl so I knew my Halflings were going to be tested - and they certainly were as despite my best efforts I lost 2-0! Looking over at Paul's game, he'd also lost although he managed to at least score a touchdown. So - after the first round, Paul's Grinning Moons had edged ahead in the Stunty Cup stakes.

For the second round, I was drawn against Paul himself - the classic Halfling VS Goblin mayhem imminent! For my team, I'd opted to induce Deeproot Strongbranch to give me three treemen whilst Paul had opted to go for secret weapons over Ripper. At he was kicking, Paul sensibly kept all of them off the field which was handy as the Crammers managed to get the ball to a halfling, have a treeman lob him up the field and then see the halfing make a perfect landing and scurry home! So - with a one turn touchdown under my belt, I set up to defend against a lot of secret weapons! Paul had two fanatics (one being Fungus the Loon), a chainsaw and a po-goer and they happily carved their way though the field. It didn't help much when the chainsaw fouled a prone treeman and took him out of the game! With halfings and treemen being blocked and blitzed every which way, the goblins equalised and we headed into the second half. My Master Chef stole all of Paul's rerolls and with just basic goblins and trolls left on the field and with me with only two treemen, the game pretty much just descended into a flurry of punchups and fouls. The game ended a 1-1 draw which we were both fairly happy with.

Third round and this time I was facing the Human team of Graeme Johnson, the Marienburg Pirates. Graeme came to the club last year and has been playing Blood Bowl and 40k with us for a while now. His game has dramatically improved over that time and he's a canny coach now. His team had four blitzers, a catcher, a thrower, six linemen and four rerolls - I really expected my Halfings to take a solid drubbing. Graeme brushed my team aside and scored but I managed to scrape an equaliser with another lobbed halfling. In the previous games though, the treemen had thinned out the opponents by knocking them off the pitch but they were not as effective this time. Graeme scored again in the second half and I made a pigs ear of things so he was soon threatening to score for a last time. Someway, somehow, I managed to get the ball carrier down and have a halfling grab it and scarper back up the pitch. On the final turn and despite being marked by two defenders, the little hobbit managed to dodge into the endzone to draw the game at 2-2. Paul's goblins hadn't been so lucky though so, with them losing 1-0 to Darren Lysenko, it meant that my Crammers had drawn two games and lost one as opposed to Paul drawing one game and losing two. Stunty Cup victory!

The Bunker Bowl itself was being decided by Tom Pugh's Lizardmen and Neil Cooper's Dwarfs. Of all the teams capable of dealing with Lizardmen, Neil's team was the most suitable so we were all surprised, none more so than him I would guess, that Tom's team beat him 4-0! To add insult to injury, quite literally, Neil had three casualties scored against him with only two in return. So - congratulations go to Tom for winning all three games over the day!

Here's some pics of Tom receiving his trophy and a shot of his rather nice looking Lizardman team.
It was a good day of gaming and it's good practice for the public Bunker Bowl on the 16th and 17th October this year.