4TK Inter-Club Tournament

4TK games store in Colchester put on an Inter-Club tournament today for four different teams, two from Ipswitch, one from Colchester plus the Chelmsford Bunker. Rich, Steve and I went on behalf of the Bunker and, as we were a man down on the day, a spare man was found to give us a full team of four. Here's Rich and Steve outside the store!

4TK is an independant store and they stock lots of different gaming models and hobby equipment, all at a discount. They also have a load of gaming tables covered in very well painted scenery so it was a pleasure to take part. The tables all have built in shelves so you can store your undeployed models and rulebooks under the table which is a great idea.
I obviously used my Crimson Fists with a balanced list as follows:

Librarian in Terminator Armour + Storm Shield with Might of the Ancients and The Avenger
5 x Terminators with a Heavy Flamer
10 x Tactical Marines with Plasmagun, Missile Launcher and Rhino with Power Fist and Storm Bolter Sergeant
10 x Tactical Marines with Meltagun, Missile Launcher and Rhino with Power Fist and Bolter Sergeant
8 x Scouts - 4 with Shotguns, three with Bolt Pistols and Close Combat Weapons plus a Power Fist Sergeant with Teleport Homer
1 x Dreadnought with twin-linked Autocannon, Dreadnought Close Combat Weapon and Storm Bolter
1 x Predator with Autocannon, Heavy Bolter Sponsons and Extra Armour

We were due to play three games each, one game against our opposite number in each of the other three teams. In my first game I was match up against a Ravenwing player - something I'd never faced against before. The game went okay but we both destroyed each others Troop choices so we had no chance of claiming objectives. It was a draw but he won a moral victory though as he killed my Librarian with his HQ unit - Sammael! Game two saw me face up against another army I've never played against, this time a Deamon army. This army was later awarded the Beardiest Army award - mainly as it featured a winged daemon prince, the Soulgrinder plus every flavour of daemon going. He started the game by leaving his entire army in reserve and deep-striked them onto the table in turn 2. They were on me before I knew it and it didn't take him long to mince my army up into little pieces. At total massacre to him. After a very pleasant lunch in the pub opposite the store, we returned for game three - this time for me to face another Daemon army! Again it featured all flavours of daemons but was led by Kurgath the Plaguefather - an unholy terror with five attacks that wound on 2+ and ignores armour saves. I put up a better fight on this game but it still ended the same as game two - total massacre for my opponent!

So - three hard games, two of which were total whitewashes! I still had fun and met a lot of nice guys so I'm sure we'll be heading back to 4TK before long. I did get something out of the day though as I was awarded the Best Painted certificate which I was quite chuffed about! Steve also was awarded a certificate although his was for Most Sporting Opponent. It was an excellent day out and I'm looking forward to getting more games in with this army so I can do better next time. I've only played one game of 5th ed. 40K before this tournament so I can hardly complain for not doing so well!