Monday, August 9


Well - I've not been painting very much at all since May which seems a very long time ago indeed.  I have taken part in another 40K tournament recently though - 4Tk gaming store in Colchester put on a "Clash of Generals" event where seven of us from the Chelmsford Bunker took part.  1500 points of Crimson Fists marched to battle fighting three games over the day.  It wasn't my best result - I came dead last!  All three games saw my brave Sons of Dorn crushed mercilessly underfoot by a Deamon army, some Salamanders and some Tyranids which starred the dreaded Doom of Malan'tai.  That 90 point monstrosity butchered half my army on his own...  The only bright spark of the event was spending the day with my gaming buddies - and picking up another "Best Painted Army" award which was pretty cool.

As I've been out of the hobby for a while, I thought I'd ease myself back in gently by painting something different - so I've started on the Skaven Mordheim warband that's been sitting in my "to paint" pile for the last few years.  There's only 13 models so it shouldn't be too taxing.  I'll post pics once I've taken them...