Zara the Slayer

Well - it's been a while.  I've had a hiatus from the hobby for a long time now which came about purely because of my feelings about Games Workshop.  As you can see from the previous blog entries, I've spent a long time collecting a Crimson Fists army for 40K and have bought a stack of stuff to start an Empire army for Warhammer.  I just couldn't get motivated to get any more painted and GW's focus on releasing new expensive models with less thought about balanced rule books just did it for me.  So - I took a break until I could get back into the hobby mood.

I still can't say that I'm totally motivated about a new project although I have recently bought the last few teams to make my GW Blood Bowl team collection complete.  After spending over £200 on toys, I thought I should at least try to get some models painted and hopefully my motivation will follow.

This Zara the Slayer model was started with the idea of her joining my Amazon team so I've given her a matching red uniform and dark skin tones (although not as dark as the Amazons themselves).

I'll try to put some more models up on the blog soon - probably some more Blood Bowl star players until I can get a full team together.  I've been using my Dwarf team in my club's league this year and I've been organising the Bunker Bowl tournament for this October - I've got a hankering to use an Orc team for that and that will mean I need to get my team painted...