Carrot Crunch V

This weekend I, and a number of other guys from the Chelmsford Bunker, will be heading to Sudbury to take part in the Carrot Crunch V - a two-day Blood Bowl tournament.  I missed out on the NAF Championship earlier this year so I was really keen to try to get to this one.  The Crunch is infamous in the Blood Bowl communitity so there will be a lot of really expert coaches there.

I thought I'd take my Skaven team for a spin on this one, mainly as it's a resurrection style tournament so however many casualties I suffer, I'll have a full team again for the next game.  I've only ever tried my Skaven in league play when they get injured in droves!  One other reason is that the rules allow a 1.1 million GP team to be selected which means I can afford a rat ogre in my starting lineup - and I love using frenzy players!

My team selection for the event is going to be :

1 x thrower
2 x blitzers
3 x gutter runners
5 x linemen
1 x rat ogre
3 x rerolls
3 x assistant coaches (as I've already got these painted...)

So - I'll give you an update on how things go after the weekend along with any pictures I take.