Random Number Generator Cubes

Just a quick update today.  I've only just got back from holiday so I've not had much chance to crack on with my CA:SF models.  As you can see from the above, I did have some choice reading material when I was away so I'm keen to get cracking.

In the meantime, I'm still playing in my club's CBBBL Blood Bowl league with my Chaos team.  I had my 4th game with them last night and won 2-1 against an Undead team.  That means I've won three and lost one (which was to another Undead team!) so I'm doing okay although my team does seem to be losing at least one beastman a game, either to death or serious injury - it's just a shame it's not the journeymen that seem to be taking the injuries!  Oh well.  Hopefully the new dice we've had made for the league will help.  The choice of colours wasn't mine (pink and black?) but they look fairly snazzy now I have them.

While we were having custom dice made, I had some done for Star Fleet games.  I had hoped to get some blue science dice and red engineering dice made to match these command logo dice but the manufacturer didn't have those colour options.  These do look cool though and I'm really happy with them.  I just need to get cracking with the models so I can get some games in :)


  1. The starfleet dice are very nice. I really nice to pickup the new Firestorm Armada at somepoint...

  2. It's a very nice book and it has all the rules for your Rense ships. My buddy Rid got all his RSN fleet painted recently :



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