The Enterprise Indident

So - time to post up the pictures of my Romulan Star Empire models from the fleet box set.  Where they have them, I've taken pictures of the underside of the ships to show off the etched bird of prey outlines.

Romulan Fleet Box
Snipe Battle Frigates
Battle Hawks
SkyHawk Destroyers
War Eagle Cruisers
King Eagle Cruiser
King Eagle Cruiser underside
KF5R Destroyer (same model as Klingon D5 Frigate)
KR Heavy Cruiser (same model as Klingon D6 Heavy Cruiser)
FireHawk Heavy Cruiser
FireHawk Heavy Cruiser underside
FastHawk Heavy Cruiser
FastHawk Heavy Cruiser underside
SparrowHawk Light Cruiser
SparrowHawk Light Cruiser underside
Condor Dreadnought
Condor Dreadnought underside
So - there we have it.  Some very nice models with some very nicely etched bird of prey markings underneath.  The only issues I saw was that the wings of the ships do get a little bent when they were in the box, especially since they were posted.  Nothing a bit of gentle tweaking won't sort out, I'm sure.  The resin Condor looks pretty clean - not a miscast in sight.