Quick update

Bunker crew at Broadside 2013
It's been a while since I posted on here so I thought I'd give a quick update just to prove I'm still around, albeit without much hobby related activity!

First up is that I never did make it to the Star Fleet tournament at Mongoose HQ.  Work interfered with my hobby plans by sending me to New York for a project - so I could hardly complain!  Even so, I haven't done much to the Federation models since I got back and probably won't until September once the holiday season is out of the way and the huge work project is finished..  My paint station is still filled with Federation ships though and they will be my priority once I get a chance.

I did attend the Broadside show in Sittingbourne on 9th June though and had a very good day demoing Dystopian Wars with the guys from my club.  We even took some video so you can see us not taking things very seriously at all... While I was there, I bought a Gorn fleet box for Star Fleet from the guys at Mongoose Publishing so I really do need to get cracking painting spaceships!  The Gorn fleet is fantastic - the models are just lovely.

Talking of Mongoose, I've recently bought some miniatures for the Judge Dredd Miniatures Game (soon to be republished and released by Warlord Games...) as I got the Dredd 3D movie for Father's Day and I couldn't help myself...  I've also very recently just bought the rulebook and a starter set for Deepwars by Antimatter Games.  The models look fantastic and I like the idea of  playing games set underwater - I've bought the Fortune Hunters and my mate Rid is going for the Dark Mariners.  More on those soon when the models arrive.

Finally, I can report that Blood Bowl season will be starting at the Bunker in October when the next CBBBL league will start (CBBBL VI to be exact).  I've opted to bring out my Chaos Dwarf team which I had painted for me years ago by one of my gaming buddies.  I've never used them in a league or tournament before so it's high time indeed they got an outing.  I'll take some pictures of them soon as all they need is to be numbered on the bases.  I've also signed up to play in the Cambridge Double Trouble tournament (Cam-Dub II as it's less formally known) - this is a doubles tournament where you play with a mate as a team and the only skills your players are allowed are doubles skills.  Luke and I are taking a dangerous mix of my Halflings and his Goblins for some stunty shenanigans.