Adventures in Time and Space

It seems like only yesterday...

No - wait.  It was only yesterday - that I had decided I was going to stop getting into new games systems, buying lots of models and then never getting around to painting or playing with them.

Looking back on my year of wargaming, I've bought toys for Star Fleet: A Call to Arms, Judge Dredd Miniatures Game, Urban War, Deepwars, Dystopian Wars and Dreadball.  I've only played a few games of Dystopian Wars and, of course, my beloved Blood Bowl.  This really is getting silly - so it was time to try to be sensible for once and get some focus.

My error was that I'd totally forgotten that my friend Darren was getting me a copy of the Doctor Who Miniatures Game printed rulebook - and I got that today.  A wargames rulebook based around Doctor Who.  Oh dear.  There's goes the cunning plan...

This all being said, this Doctor Who Miniatures Game rulebook (from now on known as DWMG) is something special.  These rules are available as a free PDF on their website but the team decided they would have them professionally printed in a limited run and sold via their Facebook page.  They even signed and numbered them - my copy was 61 out of 100.  The models shown in the book are available from Black Tree Design here : BTD - Doctor Who range

My favourite Doctor was Jon Pertwee.  He was the first Doctor I remember seeing on TV which must have made an impact on me as he stopped playing the role when I was six.  So - the chance to buy models to recreate some of his classic episodes in wargaming format will have to be done - at some point.  I'm not going to jump in feet first like I normally do and go crazy with the credit card.  I'm going to sell some of my old wargaming toys and use that cash towards the project.  I can foresee my Crimson Fists hitting the auction site fairly soon.

Aside from Doctor Who, things are carrying on as normal for me, in as much as I'm in a Blood Bowl mood.  The CBBBL season VI starts at the Bunker next Wednesday and I'm very much looking forward to it.  I've played seven warm up games to try to get myself used to the Chaos Dwarfs I'm using this season - and I've created a micro-blog to chart their progress -

Apart from the club tabletop league, I'm also taking part in the Cambridge Double-Trouble II tournament in early November (although I can't decide which team to take for that), I've arranged a one-day club Blood Bowl tournament at our regular venue the end of November and I've also started using FUMBBL as I want to increase the number of games of Blood Bowl I get to play throughout the year - I've signed up for a couple of online FUMBBL leagues.  All in all, there's quite a big focus on Blood Bowl going on.  I just can't help myself!

With all this thinking about Blood Bowl, I really should try to get some more of my teams painted.  I have ten painted teams and fifteen unpainted - it would be nice to have them all completed.  So I will either pull my finger out and paint them myself or give them to mates who run painting services when I get the cash to do so.

Next week, I'm on holiday for the whole week so I'm going to try to get some painting done.  In my weak-willed hobby butterfly capacity, I bought a Dreadball set and a Z'zor team - so I may try to get the Z'zor painted as I'm supposed to be taking part in a Dreadball league that's being run at the club simultaneously with.the Blood Bowl league.  I've never played a game of it yet but apparently it's supposed to be quite good.  I must admit to having made a point of avoiding it as, well, it's just not cricket Blood Bowl!

Either way, there's a lot of gaming to be done so I'd best get on with it...