2014? Best get some gaming done then...

H-Bomb's Dindrenzi vs my Aquans.  Much reading of the new rules was needed!
I've been playing Blood Bowl fairly regularly at the Chelmsford Bunker as the CBBBL VI is rattling on and there's still a month or two of gridiron action still to be played before the end of the season.  I had another league game yesterday on the first club night of the year against Harvey (known to all in the Bunker as H-Bomb) and we had a quick intro game after of Firestorm Armada using the new 2.0 rulebook.  I only picked up a copy of the new rulebook last night so we'll try to get a little more organised after the Blood Bowl season has ended to try to get a Firestorm campaign going.
I was hoping to get a little hobby time at the end of last year but it just didn't happen.  I've got a few projects which need to get started so, whenever I get some spare time, I'll pick one and make a start.  On the list at the moment are :
  • A High Elf Blood Bowl team for next year's CBBBL league.  I've never played any kind of elf team in a league so I think it's time I got one painted.  I'm picking up paints for these at the moment - they're probably going to end up a purple / white scheme.
  • Various Doctor Who miniatures from Black Tree Design.  My buddy Darren and I managed to get printed copies of the Doctor Who Miniatures Game rulebook when the game designer did a limited print run.  BTD helped out by having a 50% sale on all their Doctor Who range recently so I bought all eight versions of the Doctor that they sell plus a bunch of companions to go along with them.  While I was at it, I bought some transparent 25mm bases so the minis will match whatever terrain we use them on.  This will be a slow burn project but it would be good to get some games in on this.
  • Fortune Hunters for DeepWars.  Last year I bought into DeepWars - I've got all the Fortune Hunters models that are currently available.  The models are absolutely lovely - really nice detail and the game looks pretty cool too.
That's enough to be getting on with and I'll probably make a start on the High Elves first.

The main thing I want to do this year is just keep gaming.  I've got enough models for enough game systems that I really should be able to play a game of something each week.  I also want to run Bunker Bowl again this year after last year's hiatus.  Anything else on top of these I get to do will be a bonus!