Into the Underhive

I've always liked skirmish games with a campaign system and Necromunda is one that I've been wanting to play, quite literally, for years.  I was bought an Orlock gang for my birthday many moons ago and I painted them up ready to play in a campaign at the Chelmsford Bunker.  I ended up missing out on it due to being busy with work so I never did get to play.  Several years later, the Bunker is soon to be running another Necromunda campaign so I signed up so I could finally try the game out.

My buddy Luke has been helping me learn the game  and last night we tried out a couple of the scenarios which aren't just a big punch up, namely the Scavengers scenario where your gang has to gain control of loot counters dotted all around the terrain and the Raid scenario where one gang has to attack a piece of scenery defended by sentries.  Both were good fun and they helped me get to grips with the game mechanics.  I need a few more games to feel comfortable before the start of the campaign and I also need to purchase / make some scenery to bring along on campaign evenings - but I've enjoyed Necromunda and hope to play more games of it even after the campaign ends.

A brace of heavy stubbers defend a stash of weapons

Orlock ganger traversing the rickety walkways of Dust Falls