World Cup Painting Pact

Chatting with some Blood Bowl buddies on Twitter, the topic of painting motivation came up.  I have signed up for the STABB Cup tournament in October and want to take a Norse team - which is one I own but has never been built or painted.  My friend Pete said that he doesn't get a chance to go to tournaments which was a shame as they are the perfect motivation to get a team painted.  I then had the bright idea to suggest that we both try to paint a team over the next month and we give each other motivation.  One thing led to another - and we are now in a World Cup Painting Pact!  We have promised to paint our teams whilst the World Cup is on and to have the teams finished before the final on 13 July.

Pete is going to paint one of his classic 2nd ed teams he is collecting - a Chaos team.  I'm, of course, going to be painting a Norse team that I bought far too long ago.  One model I never did get around to purchasing until the last week or so was a Snow Troll.  When I first bought the team, no such position existed on the Norse roster and I didn't like the GW Yeti models as I'd have to do some weapon snips.  Thankfully, there are a lot of independent mini manufacturers now that have stepped up to fill the gap that GW never filled so I have bought a Willy Miniatures Snow Troll for the team.  I already have some star players for the team so I'll paint those up too - Zara the Slayer (the only already undercoated model) and Wilhelm Chaney.  I just ordered some additional stars for the team from Tritex Games - a Helmut Wulf and an Icepelt Hammerblow again from Willy Miniatures.  So - let's get painting!