Norse Blood Bowl Team Completed

As you saw in my last post, I've been painting a Norse Blood Bowl team over the course of the World Cup with the idea being that I'd have a fully painted team before the final on the 13th July.  They have been completed!  This is the first full Blood Bowl team I've painted since 2009 so I'm very happy to have got them done in the timespan I'd set myself and before the final game - I didn't want to be busy painting when there is football to watch!

I did leave the two star players to one side, however, as I wanted to concentrate on the players that form the team itself rather than the add-ons.  I have some extras to add to those two as well now as I've bought an Icepelt Hammerblow and a Helmut Wulf to add to Zara and Wilhelm Chaney.  I'll get those done next.

This Norse team will be used in the STABB Cup in September so I've got them done in plenty of time - and I'll probably use them in the CBBBL league that starts at the Chelmsford Bunker in October.

Anyway - here's the pics of the team.

More Linemen
Snow Troll
Norse Team