STABB Cup IV Blood Bowl tournament

This past weekend I went to the STABB Cup IV tournament in St. Albans and took along my Norse team.  It was the first time I've used my newly painted team so they really were going to get a baptism of pain.

The rules were set so that the twenty-four different teams were tiered and each tier had a different amount to be spent on your team.  Skills were chosen ahead of time for six players and one of those players received that skill after each round.

My 1.1 mil team roster was :

1 x Snow Troll - (Mighty Blow)
2 x Blitzers (2 x Guard)
1 x Runner (Sure Hands)
1 x Ulfwerener (Block)
8 x Linemen (1 x Tackle)
3 x rerolls

Game 1 was close but I lost it 2-1 against High Elves.  Game 2 was against Dwarfs and again I had a close match but I failed to do much damage and lost 1-0.  Game 3 was against Goblins with an astonishing amount of secret weapons and bribes - I won 5-0.

For day two I was facing Wood Elves in Game 4 which saw me win 3-0.  I then faced Halflings but I couldn't hurt a fly and with three treemen they crushed me.  I lost 2-1.  In my last game I was up against Chaos Pact and I won that 2-0.  So three wins and three losses overall with is about average.  It was good fun though and I managed to win the Most Touchdown award on a technicality - the coach who scored more than me was awarded a trophy for being Runner Up and you can only win one trophy.  I'm not proud though so I'll happily accept it, especially as I was using Norse...

Next up for the Norse is the Blood Bowl league at the Chelmsford Bunker so I'll be starting a separate mini-blog just for that.