More Blood Bowl Than You Can Shake A Goblin At

The Chelmsford Bunker's Blood Bowl League starts next week so I'm keen to see how my Norse team fares against my club mates.  I've got a fairly standard starting roster of :

2 x Blitzers
1 x Norse Werewolf
1 x Catcher
6 x Linemen
1 x Yhetee
3 x Rerolls

I'm hoping to survive the first game without too many injuries - and hopefully earn enough to purchase an apothecary.  After that, I'll start saving for another Norse Werewolf.  Time will tell how well that plan works out!

On top of the start of the CBBBL, I'm also planning to a number of Blood Bowl tournaments.  In November, I'm attending COSH Bowl in Clacton which is being run by a couple of buddies from the tournament circuit.  In January next year, I'm hoping to go to the UK Team Challenge in York with a few guys from the Bunker.  In February there's Boudica Bowl III which is being held in Godmanchester in Huntingdon.  In April there is a new tournament called TOWIE Bowl which is in Harlow.  Finally, in May, the is the NAF Championship which I have already bought tickets and hotel rooms for.  I've not been to the NAFC before - the last time I attended it was still called the Blood Bowl way back in 2008 so I'm really looking forward to that one.

One last thing to mention is that I will be running Bunker Bowl again in March next year.  It will be another two-day tournament although I have a different venue and I'll update the rules set.  More details on this to follow soon...

For now, I will be concentrating on my Norse team and trying to paint a new team for the COSH Bowl.