COSH Bowl - Blood Bowl Tournament

This weekend I took part in the COSH Bowl tournament in Jaywick near Clacton.  It was a little different from other Blood Bowl tournaments that I've been to in that you were given 1.2 million credits and had to buy your own skills.  The only limit was that you could only take two of each skill - you could buy as many skills as you could afford though.

I opted to bring my Chaos team to the tournament for the main reason being that I hadn't gotten around to painting anything else!  I am aiming to use all twenty-four NAF approved Blood Bowl teams in tournaments so I would need to use them at some point - and this tournament seemed to be a way I could give some of the players some skills.

The problem with the Chaos team is that the players cost a lot and re-rolls are not cheap.  When I used them in a league I had quite a lot of fun using a team without any chaos warriors - it was just beastmen and the minotaur.  So I went for that build again.

Minotaur (Claw)
2 x Beastmen (Sure Hands)
2 x Beastmen (Block)
2 x Beastmen (Guard)
1 x Beastman (Mighty Blow)
4 x Beastmen
3 x rerolls
1 x apothecary

The first game saw me facing against a proven tournament winner so there was no chance of being gently eased into the tournament spirit!  He was using Orcs with only eleven players but every  one of them had a skill.  Despite getting bullied, I managed to score first and stop him from equalising in the first half.  In the second have I made things difficult for him but I couldn't stop the inevitable and he scored.  A 1-1 draw was a good result against such a good coach though so I was pretty happy with that.

Game two and I was facing Amazons, this time with fourteen players and a mass of skills.  I just could not hurt them - even when I knocked them over they wouldn't stay down!  In comparison, my beastmen were dropping like those fainting goats..  I lost 2-0.

The third game and I was playing against a Nurgle team.  My luck changed in this game and I didn't fail one Foul Appearance roll.  I caused a few casualties on his team as well so I was in control for a good portion and I won this game 2-1.  I did make a rather elfish last turn touchdown to win though - beastmen can be effective at the passing game despite Disturbing Presence if they can roll enough 6's.

Day two and we headed back to Jaywick, this time with a friend who was playing Dwarfs - he couldn't attend the first day but didn't want to miss out totally.  My fourth game and I was playing against Dark Elves.  We both knocked each other about in this one, doing casualties on both sides.  It finished a fair 1-1.

Game five and I was taking on Dwarfs - but not those coached by my friend.  The chap playing them was a relatively new coach but that didn't matter as his team just battered mine.  We all have one of those games where every armour roll breaks armour and every injury roll causes a casualty - and this happened to me.  By the end I was down to four players on the field and I couldn't stop him.  He won 2-1 and I could do nothing but congratulate him on his win, which turned out to be his only of the tournament so good on him!

For my last game I was taking on Vampires.  They had lost all but one game and his thralls were used to taking a kicking.  My poor opponent rolled a rather staggering amount of 1's for his Blood Lust rolls and his thralls were getting munched all over the place.  I went 2-0 up in the second half but I couldn't stop his vampires doing some razzle dazzle to bring it back to a 2-1 win to me.

I ended the tournament with two wins, two draws and two losses which, considering the rather daft team selection I took, I couldn't really complain at.  One bonus was that I won the Most Casualties trophy so that was good news.  I can put the Chaos team away now as I've used them in a league and a tournament - time for me to paint another team now.  My next tournament is in January so I have a month or so to get them done.

Most Casualties