Dark Elf Blood Bowl Team

This upcoming weekend the inaugural United Kingdom Team Challenge is taking place in York.  It's a four-man team event and there are four of us from the Chelmsford Bunker going as Team Bunker.  The event itself is fairly standard in that it's a 1,100,000 team value resurrection tournament.  Skills are allocated via a tiering system and the team I'm taking is classified as a Tier 1 team so I can just give five normal skills out to my players.  I'm taking Dark Elves as I've not used them in a tournament before and I fancied trying out a good team for once at a tournament.  I've had these minis in the original box for over six years so they were due some attention.  I've kinda cheated and only painted up the eleven models I need for this tournament but I will get the rest done after the weekend.
Witch Elves
Dark Elf Team
 My roster is :

4 x Blitzers (3 with Dodge)
2 x Witch Elves (both with Wrestle)
5 x Linemen
2 x Rerolls
3 x Fan Factor

I'll try to take some pictures of the weekend and I'll post up more pics when I finish the rest of the team.