The NAF Championship - Undead Blood Bowl Team

I've spent the last week or so trying to get my Undead Blood Bowl team ready for the The NAF Championship this coming weekend.  I have got everything done that I need to play so I'm good to go!  I still have some Skeletons and a few star players to complete but I will do those at a later time.

The NAF Championship is a tournament in Nottingham.  It's what the original Blood Bowl Grand Tournament changed into once Games Workshop no longer wanted to run the event.  The NAF took it over and still held it at Warhammer World until GW decided they wanted the NAF to hire the venue from them and it just wasn't cost effective to run it there.  The NAF had to rename the event as GW didn't want them to use the term "Blood Bowl" in the title of the event so it became "The NAF Championship" and it's not held at a conference centre with an adjoining hotel close to the old venue.  I've not been to a Blood Bowl tournament in Nottingham since 2008 when it was still the Blood Bowl GT so I'm really looking forward to this one.  Most Blood Bowl coaches see this as the pinnacle of the major tournaments so I'm really pleased to be able to go.

I'm taking Undead as it's a strong Tier 1 team, something a lot of the attending coaches also take.  It should help level the playing field so I'm not struggling against an outclassed team - just opponents that outclass me!  I've no idea how it's going to turn out but I'm hoping to win at least three games if I can.  For the tournament, you have 1.1 million GP to build your team from.  For skills, you are allowed to select three normal skills for players on day 1 and two normal skills and a double for three more players on day 2.

My roster is going to be :

2 x Mummies (Guard and Block on day 2)
2 x Wights (1 x Tackle on day 2)
3 x Ghouls (2 x Block and 1 x Sure Hands on day 1)
6 x Zombies
3 x Rerolls
2 x Fan Factor

Here's the team - let's see how they perform at the tournament and I'll report back next week.

Undead Blood Bowl Team