Pro Elf Blood Bowl Team

I have yet another Blood Bowl tournament coming up in July; It's the R.I.O.T.S. Championship 2015 which is in Woodford Green in Essex.  It's a two day tournament but only consists of five games rather than the usual six which should allow an earlier travel home on the Sunday at least.  The guys behind this tournament are from the Romford Blood Bowl club and I've known them for a few years now.  They didn't run this event last year as it wasn't well supported so as soon as they mentioned they were going to try to run it again, I sent them my ticket money.  Thankfully it seems like they are going to have a full house this time which is great news.

I wanted to take another team that I've not used before so I can tick another one off the list of twenty-four official NAF teams.  I put all the teams I own that I've yet to use in a tournament into a list randomiser and Pro Elves were top of the pile - so it's time for me to try my hand with them.  I have used them online a couple of times and they were good if a bit fragile.  With only five games to play in a resurrection format they might do okay.

I bought a full team of Pro Elves direct from GW a number of years ago and they've been sitting in their box waiting for some attention since then.  Yesterday I started work on cleaning them up, glueing them to bases and getting them primed for painting.  Some friends on Twitter suggested I paint them up as the old Elfheim Eagles team so they will be orange and purple.  I won't have to worry about losing a model as I'll see them half a mile away...

I'll update as I get the minis painted and when I work out a roster.