First Patrol

My mate Shane and I gave the Judge Dredd Miniatures Game a spin last night.  I had built (but not yet painted) some Mega-City Street Gang minis to battle the Justice Department minis I'd painted recently so we grabbed those, my city wargame mat and some of Shane's Infinity terrain and got to it.

We kicked off playing the rules from the primer which is available from the Warlord Games website which was enough to give us the idea of the game mechanics.  Once we'd done that we added the rules for the Judges only being allowed to arrest until they'd been shot at and also some rules for climbing / falling.  For our third game we tried a scenario from the main rulebook with around 500 points either side.

It was good fun.  Being able to take two actions per model turn is great for tactics and we had some unusual things happen thanks to dice rolls - such as one punk who was running from the Judges trying to arrest him and made all his will rolls to resist arrest.  We're going to try it again once I've put some more models together and painted them.

Rookie Judge Capozzo on his first patrol
Street Judge Anders and Rookie Judge McGruder
Riot Judge Edwards taking cover